Not Losing Weight in the Gym? Here’s What you Should Do

Losing Weight in the Gym

If you have hit the gym with full gusto in the hope to lose weight, shed extra pounds and trim down, but haven’t dropped a single kilo even after weeks of slogging it out in the gym, it’s time to stop and think what you might be “not doing” or “doing” to supplement the sweat sessions at the gym. Ideally, you should be burning fat by hitting the gym, but when that does not happen, don’t get demotivated because we are here to help you to identify and correct mistakes that are preventing you from getting leaner in the gym.

1. There’s No Calorie Deficit: One of the basic rules to weight loss is that a person should maintain “calorie deficit” in order to burn fat (which translates to fewer calorie intake and more calorie expenditure). With calorie deficit, the body makes use of stored fat to run its daily activities. The best way to enter into calorie deficit is by following the right kind of diet, such as the Rati Beauty diet, on the Rati Beauty app, which puts your body into calorie deficit without compromising on nutrition or health. In the gym, you can burn only a limited number of calories, but being on a good weight loss diet, you can cut down considerable amount of calories. So, continue working out, but first straighten out your diet. Download the Rati Beauty app for more details.
2. Relying only on Cardio: Some people love cardio workouts way too much and though cardio can help burn calories, it can just do as much. Your cardio session should ideally be 25-45 minutes coupled with high intensity interval training (HIIT). Do not skip cardio, but mix it with other form of workouts, and do not overdo cardio. Also, walking on the treadmill for a whole hour won’t either burn too many calories. Combine cardio with other workouts for faster results.

3. Miscalculating Calories Burnt in the Gym: This is a mistake a lot of people make – they rely on the treadmill and other machines to calculate calories, and tend to overeat unhealthy foods right after the gym to replenish energy. Protein bars, sports drinks, chips, fried food, chocolates, ice creams with high number of calories are a few examples of food stuff that most people consider as appropriate treats after a sweaty exercise session, but then they don’t realize they are adding so many calories back into their body.

4. No Rest Days: One of the main reasons why your workout isn’t showing results – there are no rest days! The body needs rest to recover and build muscles. If there are no rest days, it will lead to burnout and exercise-induced fatigue along with muscle soreness and a heightened risk of injury, and you may not be able to workout for many days after that. So, hit the gym for 4 or 5 days in a week, and rest for at least 2 days.
5. Working out Randomly with no Plan: Go with a plan to the gym because it will give you an idea about how many calories you are burning and help you to plan meals according to that.
6. Concentrating only on Reps and Not on the Form: Wrong postures and poses keep you from achieving best results from your workout sessions. So, rather than doing any workout randomly, learn the right technique and form from your trainer. Pay attention to what your trainer says and learn to focus on movements and rest time.
7. Not Enough Protein in the Diet: Protein is not only a bodybuilding nutrient, it also helps to burn more calories, and control unnecessary hunger pangs. Also, protein is essential to build lean muscle, so make sure you are getting adequate protein through your daily diet. Check out the high-protein weight loss diets on the Rati Beauty app.
8. Sipping on Energy Drinks After Workout: Most of such energy drinks are high in sugar and tend to add a lot of empty calories back into the body. Also, too much caffeine in these drinks lead to dehydration as well. So avoid energy drinks and drink plain water or coconut water to replenish energy.

9. Not Drinking Enough Water: Dehydration is a major reason why your weight is not moving. Water is a zero-calorie drink that curbs appetite, prevents unhealthy cravings, and also aids in the fat-burning process. So, drink as much water as you can to replenish the water lost during the gymming session.

10. Not Sleeping Enough: You need to take proper care if you work out regularly. Only a good workout session or proper diet cannot help you see best results. Make sure you get 6-8 hours of sleep every day. This will keep you rejuvenated for your workouts, get the metabolism higher, and help you burn more and more calories.

Hope these tips would help you to get more out of your workouts and get you more closer to your goal weight.

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