Neha Sharma Was Tired Of Preparing Elaborate Dinner So She Made This

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Actress Neha Sharma was not in a mood to prepare an elaborate meal on Friday night. So, she decided to make nutritious pancakes. In one of her Instagram Stories, we can see a soft and brown pancake with syrup drizzled on it. And, the caption goes like this, “Protein pancake dinner because I was not in the mood to cook.” She added, “chef day off.” Pancakes are usually made with eggs, flour, milk and baking powder. They can be made in different flavours too.

If you too are craving for a day off of heavy kitchen duty, try out easy recipes of pancakes. They are not only filling but also a healthier breakfast alternative. Crunchy coconut pancakes are too good to not try out at least once. The traditional Goan item, also known as Allebelles, has a sweet taste. They are made with eggs, grated coconut, jaggery, cardamom seeds and dry fruits.

The banana flavour is quite popular in the world of pancakes. You can make this eggless recipe with mashed bananas. Just add caramelized apples to the list of ingredients to give it an exotic touch. If you are looking for a basic pancake sans eggs, then go for this recipe.

Gluten-free diet is the new buzzword that is in trend. So, why not add pancakes to the dietary chart too? One can easily make pancakes with zero gluten by using buckwheat flour, yoghurt and skimmed milk. Now, all these recipes of piping hot pancakes are incomplete without a drizzle of mouth-watering Marmalade or honey syrups. 

Neha Sharma has another option for all those protein diet freaks. A while back, the actress shared a bowl of protein-rich food including chickpeas, avocado, paneer and scrambled soya topped with feta cheese.

If you are looking for quick yet healthy alternatives, you know what to make.

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