Myth buster: Does wearing masks for longer duration raises CO2 levels? Is it risky?


During the pandemic times, information–both right and wrong, logical and illogical– are swarming across the internet. As an aware citizen, one should definitely follow government authorised orders and directions. However, many times people do not get time to verify the information they are following. Even at times impostors dupe people into following false information.

One of such non-factual statements is that wearing masks for longer duration impacts health as the amount of CO2 level in the breathable air around a person increases.

A day before, news agency ANI had shared a video on social media where a senior Congress leader was informing the media that prolonged wearing of masks is not advisable. “When you use masks for a longer duration you tend to inhale the same CO2 that you are exhaling. It is not good for health,” the Congress MLA from Jamtara, Jharkhand, who is also a MBBS doctor, said.

On wearing masks many experts and researchers have given several recommendations; but everyone corroborates that this is so far the ultimate armour against COVID-19 infection.

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