Murgh Bemisal Recipe: Make This Cheesy And Spicy Chicken Curry To Sate Your Cravings

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Who doesn’t love chicken? Whether it is in the form of butter chicken, chicken pasta, chicken momos or chicken pizza, chicken is our go-to dish for every occasion! What’s wonderful is that Indian cuisine holds some of the most flavourful and aromatic chicken dishes. Desi masalas like garam masala, ginger-garlic paste, red chilli powder and more give us vibrant curries with delicious and diverse flavours. If you are looking for something mellow, we have creamy dishes like safed maas and murgh malaiwala and you if want something spicy, then we have a plethora of recipes! One such spicy chicken curry is the murgh bemisal.

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Murgh bemisal is a spicy chicken curry that is full of hot and aromatic flavours. Flattened chicken breast is stuffed with cheese and minced chicken and cooked in tandoori to give a cheesy and juicy chicken dish. The stuffed chicken is bathed in creamy gravy and slow-cooked to give a mouthwatering curry.

How To Make Murgh Bemisal | Easy Chicken Curry Recipe:

You will need to start by flattening chicken breasts with a hammer. Spread grated cheese and minced chicken on top of the flattened breasts. Roll the breast and seal it so that the minced chicken and grated cheese remain inside the breast. They marinate the rolls in curd and masala. Grill the rolls in a tandoor.

For the gravy, saute jeera and garlic in oil. Next, add chopped onions, haldi, tomato paste and cashew paste. add all the masala to the onions. Garnish the gravy with desi ghee, butter and heavy cream. The gravy is ready. Now assemble the dish by placing the cooked chicken roll in a clay pot and pouring the gravy on top of it.

Click here for the step-by-step recipe of Murg Bemisal.

Serve this delicious and cheesy murg bemisal with some lachcha paratha and you will have a complete party meal ready.

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