Money Heist 5’s Tokyo shares emotional message for her gang: ‘Every time they break us, we’ll come back stronger’

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Money Heist Season 5 Part One exceeded audience’s expectations. With Tokyo sacrificing her life to stop the army inside the Bank of Spain and saving her fellow team members, the plot is expected to take a complete U-turn in the second part of the season, that’ll also mark the finale of the Spanish show.

Streaming platform Netflix recently released a video that has left many fans emotional. That’s because the clip has actor Úrsula Corberó, who plays Tokyo, bidding a final goodbye to her gang members. She also motivates her gang members to not give up and carry on ‘The Resistance’ against the enemy.

The video is unique as it depicts a man performing ‘Kintsugi’, a Japanese art of using liquid gold to put together the broken pieces of an object to make it stronger. Here, he’s repairing a Dali mask that’s been shattered, symbolising the despair and hopelessness following the death of Tokyo.

Tokyo’s voice-over pushes the gang to rise like a Phoenix. She says, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”, as their strength lies in being courageous and united. The gold is also a metaphor here. Firstly, because it was a reason for the team reuniting in season three, and secondly, the guys are currently melting gold inside the bank. This, surely hints that gold will have a major role in the upcoming part of Money Heist 5.

Ever since the release of its part one, the makers have flooded social media handles with videos and BTS photos of what went into the making of the final season. They also gave a farewell to one of the most popular characters of the crime drama, Tokyo through several posts.

Check out some of the videos and photos shared by the cast and crew of Money Heist here.

Bidding his co-star Úrsula Corberó an emotional adieu, actor Miguel Herrán, who plays Tokyo’s love-interest Rio, wrote an Instagram post which read, “Until death do us apart.” In another post, he wrote, “It has been a pleasure to share this trip with you.”

Rio’s freedom from illegal detention and torture by the police department was the main reason for Tokyo to reach out to The Professor at the start of season three and get back the gang together to plan their ongoing heist.

The Professor has managed to free himself from the hold of cop Alicia Sierra, but things have gone awry inside the Bank of Spain, with the government calling in the army to nab the gang. The special forces are ruthless and have the sole target of killing all the robbers. They blew the terrace of the bank, entered the building and went berserk in terms of attacking The Professor’s team. During the attack, Tokyo got killed, but she also managed to take down Gandia along with her, leaving the audience and her comrades in tears.

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