Mixing Covishield & Covaxin | Coronavirus Vaccine: What happens if you mix Covishield and Covaxin doses? Is it safe to mix vaccines?

Our country is facing critical vaccine shortages. However, the bottom line remains that the idea which looks good on paper, may not be that well-suited in real life.

At a time like this, while the focus remains to fix the gap and further prioritize those getting the second jab, mixing vaccine doses may not be actually better than not getting a second dose. Most of all a decision best left to medical experts.

Even though current government experts have attested that mixing vaccines is ‘theoretically’ possible, do remember that there’s not much that we know about the same. Hence, decisions should not be taken in haste by beneficiaries.

Instead, the priority should be done so that all eligible people secure at least one dose of the vaccine, which will offer some level of protection. Therefore, precaution is advised at all steps.

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