Mira Rajput Enjoys A Bowl Of “Juiciest” Litchies – We Are Craving For Some

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Nothing says summer freshness like deliciously sweet and refreshing litchi. The glorious ruby red fruit that is super juicy is the highlight of every summer and a much-needed source of relief from the sweltering heat and humidity. It appears that actor Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput, too, loves this delicious fruit. Sharing a picture of the freshly picked fruit, Mira posted a caption alongside, “Juiciest, fleshy and sweet.” Adding, “If it’s not dribbling down your arms, you’re not having the right ones.” And we agree! The joy of eating this yummy fruit is having its juices drip down your arms and chin as you devour into it.

Take a look Mira’s post:

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It does not matter if you call it litchi or lychee, this fruit is just as scrumptious either way. And if Mira’s post has left you hankering for some litchi goodness, we have a list of recipes for you:

1) Litchi And Ginger Cooler

The perfect refreshing and cooling beverage for a hot summer day. Blend the deliciously sweet litchi with zingy ginger and fresh earthy basil to make a yummy drink.

2) Litchi Spinach Smoothie

This healthy and nutritious drink is made with sweet litchi infused with the goodness of spinach and crunchy almonds. It’s the best drink to have for breakfast and begin your day on an energetic note.

3) Coconut And Litchi Creme Caramel

This decadent and smooth dessert is bound to become a family favourite. Deliciously creamy coconut milk and sweet and tart litchis spiced with flavourful nutmeg create this divine dessert.

4) Litchi Kulfi

Summers and kulfi go hand in hand. So, what better way to enjoy this yummy cold dessert than to infuse it with the goodness of litchi, topped with milk with crunchy pistachios for a truly creamy treat.

5) Prawn And Litchi Salad

If you thought litchis could only be used in desserts or drinks, think again. This salad recipe brings together succulent prawns with sweet litchis tossed together with tangy lemon juice fiery chili flakes, creating quite an explosion of flavours with every bite.

Tell us which of these litchi recipes did you enjoy the most in the comments section.

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