Mindy Kaling Resolves To Try Oatmeal In New Year 2022, Twitter Suggests

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Oatmeal (or oats) is probably one of the healthiest superfoods to add to our breakfast meal. Most of us would be aware of this amazingly versatile grain and how it can be incorporated into various recipes. Whether it’s baked oats or oats granola, overnight oats or oatmeal cookies – there are a number of ways to eat this humble food. It also offers a range of health benefits for us, from lowering cholesterol to promoting weight loss. This is why many health enthusiasts swear by the high-fibre, low-calorie oatmeal to begin their day. Actor-producer Mindy Kaling too resolved to try eating oatmeal as part of her New Year Resolution for the year 2022. Take a look at her tweet:

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Weight loss and eating healthy is one of the most common resolutions taken up in the New Year. Mindy Kaling’s resolution was no different, as she said it was her only aim this year to get into eating oatmeal. She wrote on Twitter, “My lone new year res is to get into oatmeal. Any suggestions? (And not the squishy cold kind from the night before please).” On being asked the kind of Oats she prefers, she said, “I think I like it smooth and sweet like McDonald’s oatmeal I had one time.”

Enthusiastic Twitter users poured in their suggestions for the actor-producer. Many of them shared their personal oatmeal recipes that they incorporated into their daily diet. Some suggested sweet versions made with berries, nuts, and honey. Others had a savoury take on oatmeal including vegetables and eggs into their recipes. One interesting suggestion also came from the ‘Lunchbox’ director Ritesh Batra. 

Take a look at the wholesome Twitter thread about oatmeal in response to Mindy Kaling’s tweet:

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The best part about oatmeal is how dynamic the grain is. In fact, oats can be substituted and used in many Indian breakfast recipes as well. Oats cheela, oats Idli and Oats Laddoo are only few of the many recipes that can be made with oatmeal. Click here for more Oats-based recipes.

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