Milind Soman Just Revealed His Daily Meal Plan, And We Are Ready To Steal Ideas

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The love that Milind Soman fans have for him is not restricted to his acting and modelling career. The supermodel of India, also well known as Ironman- Milind Soman, has given many people serious fitness goals. With his healthy lifestyle and love for running, he has managed to inspire people across various generations. As the model keeps posting about his fitness workouts and his inspiration for a healthier lifestyle, we can also see his meal plan in one of his recent posts on Instagram. To get a serious reality check on your food habits, you might want to know what Milind eats throughout his day.

The model starts his day at 10 AM with nuts and any four seasonal fruits of choice. For his lunch, at 2 PM he usually eats one part of rice and dal khichdi with local and two parts of seasonal vegetables with two teaspoons of homemade ghee. If not rice, then he prefers to have six chapatis with dal and vegetables. And very rarely he eats a small piece of chicken/mutton or an egg. Unlike us who eat chips or other snacks in evening, Milind likes to have one cup of black tea sweetened with jaggery!

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Adding on to that, he also mentioned that he stays away from over refined, processed and packaged food, he takes no supplements or extra vitamins. Milind Soman has also made it a habit to stay away from soft drinks and have desserts that are sweetened with only jaggery.

As the model tested positive for Covid-19 this year he stated in his post that he made no changes during quarantine but started drinking Kadha four times a day.

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The rises in Covid-19 cases have certainly made people more aware of their health habits. With people across the country trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle, it has also become essential to be mindful of our food consumption habits for better nutrition and exercises that we can do at home.

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