Michelle Duggar Has Really Creepy Advice for Kids Going Through Puberty

jim bob and michelle duggar on youtube

Jessa Duggar sat down this past week for a YouTube video alongside her parents, Michelle and Jim Bob.

The conversation was really pretty normal throughout, with Jessa’s controversial mother and father just telling viewers to respect the decisions their kids make and to keep an open mind at all times and, above all, to make sure your kids know you love them no matter what.

Just kidding.

At one point, Michelle went off on a rant about the body safety rules she put in place years ago for her many sons and daughters.

At another point, the parents confessed to spying on their children’s cell phones.

And now we can divulge another interesting/wildly strange and inappropriate aspect of this video, in which Michelle discussed how she handled her kids back when they went through puberty.

During this tiime in a young person’s life, of course, he or she may have some impure thoughts.

Michelle and Jim Duggar on Video

And when that happens?

“There will be times where you’re gonna think a bad thought,” Michelle explained to the listeners.

“And you’ll go, ‘Wow, I’ve never thought that before!’”

Fair and true enough.

What should these teenagers do when these thoughts enter their heads?

Jim Bob Duggar Speaks and Michelle Duggar Listens

“I say, share that!

“Bring that thought to Jesus, and then run and tell [your parents]…

“God gave you a Mom and Dad who want to pray you through these years,” Michelle said, adding that she often confronts her own kids to make sure they haven’t given in to naughty temptations.

“[I ask them] ‘How have you done today? Have you been tempted?’ and usually they just start pouring everything out…,” Duggar added.

Michelle Duggar Shares Her Wide-Eyed Opinion

The Duggars, of course, forbid their kids from sleeping with their significant others prior to marriage.

Heck, they forbid their kids from kissing their significant others prior to marriage.

Michelle also went into detail during this video as to why this is.

She shared a rather creepy description of how she and Jim Bob view the bodies of their sons and daughters.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Together

Said Michelle:

“Dad always says that you’re a special gift, and God has made you so unique and so special that one day you’re going to get married and you’re going to have a spouse and you’re going to be this present that’s wrapped especially for your future spouse.

“Because, the Scripture talks about your body is his, and his is yours, so you want to keep that special package wrapped nice and clean and neat.”’

Remaining a virgin until marriage isn’t that crazy of a notion, not to many religious people out there.

Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle on Instagram

But the Duggars take this while gift-unwrapping thing to an extreme.

Michelle said here that she even encourages her daughters to dress modestly behind closed doors.

“I always say ‘don’t play peek-a-boo.’ Don’t wear something low that when you bend over you’re going to play peek-a-boo,” Michelle said.

“Or [don’t wear] something that’s too short that’s going to reveal when you’re sitting down.”

Reveal one’s vagina, she means.

Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar in South America

The couple, naturally, did not mention Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal and how they helped cover it up all those years ago.

But Jim Bob did allude to some challenging times in the family’s past.

“We’ve gone through a lot of different heavy things, raising 20 kids, but we know that as we turn our hearts to God, and have them turn their hearts to God, things can work out,” he said.

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