Meri Brown: Kody Who?!? I’m Making My Own Happiness!

meri selfie

Meri Brown would like to once again make something clear:

She doesn’t need any man to make her happy.

Specifically, she doesn’t need any selfish, chauvinistic and careless man to make her happy.

In other words?

She doesn’t need Kody Brown.

On the heels of a Sister Wives that saw Meri and Kody’s marriage crumble into smaller and smaller pieces — because Kody has admittedly stopped trying — the veteran TLC personality has shared the selfie above.

As she’s often done in the past, Meri has then sent the following message to anyone concerned about her well-being:

I’m doing just fine, thanks!

Meri Brown Screen Grab

“They say to bring your own sunshine!” wrote Brown as a caption, continuing as follows:

“Yep, let’s be honest, we all know some days that’s harder to do than others. And that’s perfectly ok! The days you can, do!

“Bring it, share it, shine it!’

Pretty sound advice, isn’t it?

Meri Brown in Blue

Meri has been taking a glass-half-full approach to life on social media for awhile now.

She’s had to remind those worried that she’s a fighter and that she isn’t about to let Kody’s insensitive behavior get her down.

Not even when her spiritual spouse tells the entire universe that there’s no spark and he has no interest in sleeping with Meri ever again.

“I’m looking for a spark — something to initiate some form of desire for a relationship with each other,” he said on air this winter, adding that said spark hasn’t been “manifested” in years.

Meri Brown: Another Selfie

Oh, and he said this shortly after Meri organized a picnic for the pair in celebration of their 30-year wedding anniversary.

What a sweetheart.

“Wear yellow if you must. Do something for others, I find that often helps,” added Meri in her aforementioned caption, offered up advice to anyone simply having a down day.

“Surround yourself with the people that share your shine!”

Meri Brown Video Photo

Kody and Meri got hitched way back in 1990.

However, they divorced in 2014 so that Kody could marry Robyn and legally adopt her kids from a previous relationship.

From there, Meri went online and thought she had met a potential mate… only to discover she was the butt of a cruel joke and had actually been flirting for weeks with a woman.

This catfishing scandal pretty much ended all hope of her and Kody ever regaining their romantic footing.

Meri Photograph

For over a year now, Sister Wives viewers have been urging Meri to leave Kody.

But she shot down any chance of that happening in December when she posted a lengthy retort to these pleas, writing very simply when it comes to Kody:

“I love this man.”

We truly have no idea why.

Meri with Kody Brown

Still, we admire Meri’s self-sufficiency.

Here is how she closed out her message a few days ago:

BE the person who brings the shine to others, knowingly or unknowingly. You never know what someone needs, or WHO someone needs. BE that person for YOURSELF!

Shine bright! Shine on!

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