Mehwish calls out Vasay Chaudhry for body-shaming

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Actress Mehwish Hayat said it is wrong to body-shame a person on a platform from where distasteful jokes will be picked up and circulated everywhere.

“No body-shaming in front of me,” Mehwish told Vasay Chaudhry when his joke implied a horse wouldn’t be able to run if Ahmad Ali Butt was riding it.

Mehwish appeared on Vasay’s show ‘Ghabrana Mana Hai’ on Sunday, where she was asked about actors who could step into the ‘Ertugrul’ actors’ shoes. The Chhalawa actor named Ahmad but was stopped by Vasay who thought it was funny.

“Please, now stop over here,” said Vasay as he continued sarcastically, “Ahmad Ali Butt on a horse and that horse has to run too.”

“Haven’t you seen Ahmad?” said Mehwish, referring to the actor’s recent weight loss.

“I have to save the horse!” Vasay continued. Mehwish said it is okay for friends to be making such remarks within themselves, but not on platforms like a talk show, from where these jokes will be picked up and circulated.

Vasay defended himself by saying Ahmad himself makes such jokes about himself and that one can’t create humour and satire in Pakistan anymore.

Mehwish has been vocal about social media, stereotypes and mental health. On her 33rd birthday in January, she said women should live their lives on their own terms without having to worry about their age, getting married or having children.

“It’ll happen when it will and not to some prescribed timetable,” she remarked.

Last week, actor Aiman Khan came under fire after she advised Mawra Hocane to put on some weight, calling her “too skinny”. Mawra came out in the Mann Mayal actor’s support and said people “sometimes don’t mean what they say” and that they should be given “space for improvement”.

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