Meet Chef Harbhajan Kaur, Who Started Her Entrepreneurial Journey At 90

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It’s not that the thought of getting old hasn’t crossed our minds. And there’s no denying that some of us, including our parents, have been tirelessly working to secure our future, especially when we grow old. But have you ever thought that you could start it afresh even when you are as old as 90? No, right? That wasn’t the case with 90-year-old Harbhajan Kaur, who decided to start her venture and finally make it big. Kaur said at that age, she thought, “I have spent my entire life without earning a penny”, and that’s how her entrepreneurial journey began.   

Humans of Bombay (HoB), a platform that chronicles such stories, has shared a Reels on Instagram featuring Harbhajan Kaur. Five years ago, she thought it was time she started something of her own and one thing she loved the most was cooking. That’s it. She decided she was going to invest her efforts into it after her daughter asked: “Why don’t you sell barfis in the market?”   

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Her first day in the kitchen was extremely encouraging as the barfis she prepared were sold out within a few hours, she told HoB. She made Rs 2,000 on the first day. It was only a matter of time before the word spread, soaring her popularity and the bulk orders started pouring in. In 2020, Kaur even won an entrepreneur of the year award. 

However, with the second wave of novel coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc across India, Mrs. Kaur, too, contracted the infection. But she beat the deadly virus and emerged stronger. If you thought that was it, you were wrong. She is now not just a thriving entrepreneur but also an Instagram star with over 12,000 followers on the social media platform. Her granddaughters keep shooting Insta Reels and share them on the timeline.  

For instance, earlier this week, she posted a small video in which Kaur is seen preparing for a tangerine squash. “Have you tried season special tangerine squash by Mrs Harbhajan Kaur? Due to various types of Vitamin, Minerals and nutrients, present in the Tangerine it has own health benefits as well as a refreshing drink,” read the post.

Now, when Kaur’s grandchildren feel confused about their choices, she tells them, “It’s never too late to change your mind,” adding, “If nani can do it at 95, anyone can do it.” Isn’t Nani’s story encouraging? Tell us what you feel after reading the story in the comments. 

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