Meet BTS, The South Korean Boy Band Taking Over The World

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BTS is a seven-member boy band taking the music world by storm. They were the first K-pop act to win a Billboard Music Award and also perform at the …

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43 thoughts on “Meet BTS, The South Korean Boy Band Taking Over The World

  1. Army's are basically present day Directioners in their prime around 2012-2014. Their real power is social media. More specifically Twitter. Early Twitter stans were the reason that 1D thrived. Same with BTS. The only difference is BTS actually worked HARD to get to the top. Whereas 1D were an instant success because of white privilege and money backing them up. 1D was never a multitalented group. But BTS is. Which is amazing btw!
    But Army's Twitter power reminds me if Directioner's Twitter power in 2012/2013. Interesting.

  2. so glad this guy did not only just talk about their dances and catchy music but actually talk about their lyrics, the problems they talk about, their concepts, their chemistry, the art of their music..
    thank you so much??

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