Matchmaking agency for Asian professionals aims to raise the bar


No swiping, no liking, no algorithms, no games: Welcome to the world of Project 143 a matchmaking agency for Asian professionals.

Project 143 aims to bring together advice and eligible singles for what they say is an ‘authentic and meaningful dating experience’. 

It was founded by Aneeka Patel who established the agency after coming out of a five-year relationship and discovered the trials and tribulation of dating in the digital age. 

She was frustrated with using dating websites and apps and had been looking for an alternative. However, not being able to find something that really provided that personal touch, where she was able to meet like-minded professionals like herself, she decided to set up Project 143. 

Frances B Shillito Client Manager and Matchmaker said: “Aneeka did not want Project 143 to be another Asian marriage bureau; it was going to be the opposite. 

“She wanted to completely modernise the traditional, Asian family-centred matchmaking to appeal to today’s modern British Asian who have taken on western values. 

“She wanted to take away the ‘marriage’ pressure with family involvement and instead provide Asians with another avenue where they can have the freedom of choice and be able to date on their own terms and time, using this old concept of matchmaking. Project 143 stands out because we are navigating a new path for those who come from a very embedded culture.

“Through our bespoke approach, we do all the legwork to help our members meet other singles who share and understand their values. 

“All matches are vetted by our expert team to ensure members are paired with the like-minded individuals they’re seeking. At Project 143, it’s all about tossing dating algorithms aside and guiding people to the genuine relationships they deserve. 

Frances B Shillito Client Manager

Frances explained how the agency linked people together, “Well there is no database to browse, so clients can enquire directly or fill out the application form (on the website) to apply to become a member. 

“If we like what we see and are confident we can help, we will have an initial introductory call going over what our service entails. If all is well then we will meet potential clients on skype or in-person for an in-depth consultation where we really get to understand the client and what they are looking for and of course what they have to offer. 

“The client will then be provided a quote for the matchmaking fees together with a contract and once those preliminaries are complete, we will send our clients for a photoshoot for a dating profile photograph as well as a one-tone session with a dating coach. 

“Thereafter, our team of trained matchmakers create a personal dating profile for the client will start presenting profiles of potential matches for client to choose who they wish to have a first date with. If both parties agree to meet then we will set them up on a first date. It is a very personalised approach where matches do lead to dates.”

Frances admitted a lot of professionals did not tend to go on to single websites and apps as some generally do not have the time and more importantly would prefer to keep their relationships private.

“Some professionals, especially those who hold senior positions or are high profile, tend to want to keep their dating lives private and Project 143 is a natural choice as its discreet with all the work being done behind the scenes. 

“Furthermore, singles websites do not curate their members to the level we do, we handpick our members and not everyone who applies is onboarded to be a client. 

“We want to ensure that our clients have access to a pool of members who are serious about finding a long-term partner and who have the characteristics and traits that they themselves possess.”

Frances said people should always embark on matchmaking with an open heart and an open mind.

“Matchmaking is an ancient concept that is becoming more and more important in an impersonal modern world. 

“It is about taking a breath and bringing together people based on much more than an algorithm. It is about values, expectations, long term goals and more than anything – it is about the client. Project 143 is committed to helping Asian professionals unlock that elusive connection. 

“We help to create the right environment for sparks to fly, hand-picking matches based on compatibility and intuition.”

With lockdown restrictions easing the agency said they would be arranging events in the coming months. You can keep up to date by clicking here

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