Man Left KFC Years Ago But His Voice Remains At The Outlet. See How He Reacts

Ryan Evans stopped working at a KFC outlet in Australia years ago. But, he was in for a surprise when he revisited it. A viral video of Ryan in his car at a KFC drive-through, shows him lip-syncing to the voice directions from a machine. In fact, the machine’s voice belongs to Ryan himself. Ryan, 37, used to work at the same outlet 14 years ago. His voice was recorded for the machine input when he was employed at the place. However, Ryan was surprised to see that the restaurant hadn’t changed its voice in all these years.

In the clip that has gone viral, Ryan is seen arriving at the machine when it starts to speak a pre-recorded message, “Welcome to KFC Greensborough, when you’re ready to place an order.” Ryan nods for a while and then starts speaking the same words that the machine does. They sound all the same in tone and speed. After all, Ryan was the original speaker of the message.

“When you haven’t worked at KFC in 14 years but your voice is still in the speaker box,” the video caption read.

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Ryan reportedly told that one of his friends went through the drive-through six months back and “completely reminded me about the fact that my voice is still on the speaker box even though I haven’t been there in about 14 years”.

Ryan also recollected that the recording of his voice in a message came to him as a whimsical idea. Ryan said when he was working at the outlet, employees used headsets to directly talk to the customers. When the headsets broke down, he thought, “Let’s just record something onto the speaker box to play automatically whenever you come through.”

The report added that Ryan was 15 when he started working at the restaurant. He recorded the message in 2007 when he became the store manager at the age of 23.

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