Malaika Arora’s Oh-So-Delicious Christmas Feast Will Make You Drool

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On Christmas, traditions do bring us a lot of comfort and joy. They have an even greater significance in uncertain times like these. Take, for instance, food. There is no other time of year when the air is so enveloped with aromas. Our memories go into overdrive, and the tastes and smells can take us back to our childhood in an instant. On Instagram Stories, actress Malaika Arora shared a few clips of a lavish spread that had a host of varied dishes across cuisines. It included everything from irresistible nibbles to decadent desserts.

Malaika shared glimpses of a citrus-based dessert with segments of lemon, a red and white icing cake shaped like a dome. A classic chocolate cake also made it to the menu. Then there was also the classic Christmas dish of roasted chicken, baby potatoes with meat, sauteed vegetables, curry with a yogurt base, variety of rice, and meat gravies, a version of appam pointing at Malaika’s Kerala roots from her maternal side and some crispy fried fish in batter.

Take a look at Malaika’s Christmas feast:


A couple of days ago, Malaika Arora gave her followers a glimpse of her pre-Christmas celebrations. It included mulled wine, cakes, and more. Malaika shared an image on Instagram Stories of a dining set-up at, what looks like, her home. On the table, we could see glasses of wine, alongside the cakes. Find out more about Malaika’s pre-Christmas celebrations here.

In 2020, Malaika Arora shared with her Instafam her December mood, a few days before Christmas. She shared an image of herself with a glass of wine and a table full of some soul-satiating food, which included a bowl of trifle with pureed strawberry layers alternating chocolate, some sandwiches, and microgreens. Click here to know more about how Malaika was “Decembering” last year.

Malaika Arora seemed to be in complete Christmas mood on another occasion in December 2020, when she gave her Instagram followers a glimpse of what looked like a charcuterie board, laid out for the festivities. Charcuterie, a French term, is a board full of cheese, nuts, meats, veggies, dried fruits, etc. Malaika’s charcuterie board looked like a Christmas tree. Take a look at it here.

Malaika Arora sure does know the perfect way to spread Christmas cheer.

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