Lychee Nutrition And Benefits: Why You Should Stock Up On This Delicious Fruit This Summer

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Summer is at its peak and it’s taking a lot for us to brave this scorching weather. It’s not humanly possible to pull down the soaring temperatures but we can definitely adjust ourselves to adapt and take on the searing heat with success. The best way to do this is by keeping our body hydrated and by eating cool summer foods. There’s a volley of seasonal produce lining the shelves of the grocery stores. Apart from mango and mandarin, there are many other fruits that are great for consumption during summers and lychee is one of them. The origin of Lychee or Litchi chinensis is traced back to China. But, in present times, lychee is widely available in India and other parts of the world as well.

Lychee is a sub-tropical fruit with a textured dark pink layer and a pulpy, translucent white flesh enclosing a dark brown seed. The outer layer in discarded and the seed is lobbed off to enjoy this juicy, uber sweet fruit. While its great taste tantalises the taste buds, knowing the fruit’s various nutritional properties can make you relish this fruit even more.

Lychee Nutritional Profile

One bite into this fruit unleashes a fount of freshness into the mouth. That’s because of its high water content;-almost 81% of lychee is water!  Lychee is also rich in carbohydrates, which mostly comes for the natural sugar found in abundance in it. A 100 gms of lychee contains 16.53 gms of carbohydrates.

Why is Lychee Good For Health?

1.Promotes Heart Health

Copper plays a big role in preventing heart enlargement. Likewise, potassium promotes contraction and beating of the heart. Lychee is rich in both these vital nutrients that ensure a healthy heart.

  1.        Protects From Serious Diseases

Lychee contains more antioxidant polyphenols than many other fruits known to us. The compounds help in fighting off chronic illnesses like diabetes and cancer.

  1.        Reduces Inflammation

The flavanols present in lychee possess anti-inflammatory properties  which aid in combating flu and infections like sore throat, cold and even breathlessness.

How To Consume Lychee

There’s nothing like enjoying the fruit directly and reveling in the splash of pulp of the fruit overflowing with freshness. However, if you like to spice things up when it comes to consuming fruits, you can juice lychee to make mocktails, cocktails, and sherbets. Lychee has a neutral taste which goes well with many other foods to make a refreshing salad or even a delicious dessert.

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