Love Butter Chicken? Start Your Day With A Creamy Butter Chicken Sandwich Spread (Recipe Inside)

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No matter the occasion or time, you can never go wrong with Butter Chicken! Juicy chicken chunks that have been marinated in a pool of eclectic spices are cooked in thick and velvety tomato-based gravy, topped with a whole lot of cream – Butter Chicken spells indulgence! This Punjabi delicacy has managed to win hearts not only in the country but worldwide. Fusion dishes like Butter chicken meatballs, Butter chicken pasta, Butter chicken burger, and others are proof of that. And if you are in love (read obsessed) with butter chicken like the rest of us, you’ll be happy to know that you can now even start your day with the creamy flavors of the oh-so-delicious Butter Chicken. How, you ask? By preparing this smooth and creamy Butter Chicken Spread at home.

Butter Chicken is enjoyed in many varieties around the world

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Quick breakfasts when you are running late usually consist of leftover rotis rolled with jam or a simple buttered toast, right? But what if we told you that you can easily heighten your breakfast experience with this butter chicken spread that oozes decadence? You can make and store the butter chicken spread in the refrigerator for a week. Spread it on a toast or slather on a warm and soft roti, and your fuss-free Butter Chicken meal is ready. Butter Chicken lovers, are you drooling yet? Here is the recipe you can easily try at home.

How To Make Butter Chicken Sandwich Spread l Homemade Butter Chicken Spread:

The process of butter chicken spread is almost similar to a Butter Chicken curry except for some changes in a few steps. Get tiny chicken chunks and marinate them with haldi, red chili powder, salt and fry in some time. In a pan, make the gravy by using loads of butter, onion and tomato puree, ginger-garlic paste, cream and other required ingredients. Once the gravy is cooked, add the chicken chunks, let them cool and add a good serving of mayo and mix well. Store in an air-tight glass jar and consume within 7-10 days.

Click here for the detailed recipe of Homemade Butter Chicken Spread.

Make and store this Butter Chicken Spread to use on bread, toast, roti etc. Let us know how it turns out in the comments below.

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