Life Inside Britain's Legal Red Light District | Sex, Drugs & Murder – Episode 1

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An uncompromising look at the lives of sex workers in an area of Leeds where, if you’re buying or selling sex, you won’t get arrested. The red light zone was …

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34 thoughts on “Life Inside Britain's Legal Red Light District | Sex, Drugs & Murder – Episode 1

  1. Hmm what is the allure of wanting to be shat on? I'm genuinely curious because I REALLY don't get it. I understand the concept of wanting to be humiliated… but not really. And not in that way. I want a documentary about THAT and what his deal is.

  2. I used to feel sorry for women. But that made it so hard to have a rip in a relationship that men don't care anymore. Women complain about too much now that that independent. Men find other ways to entertain himself

  3. addiction is bad .. it destroys families and it bunrs all the people around them as well .. i lost my best friend through addiction and now my little brother is in it .. i have been trying to save him but it looks like there isnt any hope really .. if there is a god out there these people shouldnt have been in this situation ..

  4. Prostitution is in reality nearly the only feasible way for a woman with a serious drug addiction to support her habit and herself. No job pays the kind of money it requires on a daily basis for the girls to have what they need.

  5. There might as well be no subtitles at all , because THEY SUCK. Somebody doesn't understand accents and still tried to subtitle this…. I mean c'mon, I'm Finnish and understand English better than this mofo.

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