Leah Messer: The Tumor In My Breast Has Gotten Bigger

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A common complaint about the most recent season of Teen Mom OG is that the show lacked the drama that made previous seasons so compelling.

But fans who felt the series needed a little excitement were probably hoping for a feud among castmates or a surprise pregnancy, not a terrifying health scare involving one of the show’s most beloved stars.

Earlier this season, Leah Messer found a lump in her breast.

On last night’s finale, she received the phone call from her doctor that she had been anticipating and dreading in equal measure.

“It’s been a few days since I had the ultrasound to see if my tumor has grown. I’m supposed to get the results soon,” Messer said in a voice-over.

“I’m hoping I don’t need surgery.”

While hiking with sister Victoria, Leah explained her position more thoroughly:

Leah Messer on an Episode

“I can deal with it being uncomfortable if it’s not cancerous,” she said.

“Anything that could be cancerous if f–king scary. Above all, what’s scary is not being able to take care of my kids,” Leah added.

“Them having such a difficult time with it is probably scarier than me going through it.”

Leah Messer with Daughters

Later in the episode, Leah received her test results — and they were sort of a mixed bag.

First, the bad news:

“He said it had grown a half-centimeter,” Leah told one of the show’s producers following a furtive phone conversation in her bathroom.

Leah Masker

“But he still did not recommend surgery.”

Now, the very, very good news:

“Although the tumor had grown it wasn’t necessarily concerning,” Messer explained to her kids.

Leah Messer Suffers a Scare

“So I don’t have to have the surgery.”

Yes, it seems the doctors are certain that Leah’s tumor is not cancerous, which means it’s unnecessary for them to remove it.

Leah’s final scenes of the season come as a tremendous relief not only to her family, but to her many fans around the world.

Leah Messer's New Look

The mother of three has been through a whole lot during her years as a reality star, and there’s no one more deserving of a happy ending.

Fans have watched Leah grapple with drug addiction, divorce, and a seriously messy custody battle.

And as far as medical issues go, her family already has enough on their plate:

Leah and Ali Selfie

Leah’s daughter Ali suffers from a rare form of muscular dystrophy that has her confined to a wheelchair much of the time.

The condition often gets worse with age, but fortunately, treatment methods are improving all the time.

So it’s not surprising that when Leah suffered a health scare of her own, her first thought was the fear that it might prevent her from being there for her kids.

Ali Simms Photo

Fortunately, everything worked out in the end, and Leah can continue being as loving and attentive as she’s always been.

As with every other family on the planet, it’s unclear what the future has in store for Leah and her kids.

But one thing is certain — no matter what sort of challenges they face, these ladies will be facing them together.

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