Leah Messer and New Boyfriend Justin Burke: Going Public on Teen Mom 2?!

justin burke and leah messer

Teen Mom fans are well aware that Leah Messer is hot AF.

it’s no surprise to see that she has a hunky boyfriend — even if she hasn’t confirmed that they’re dating.

In fact, Leah has denied being in a relationship at all.

Her rumored boyfriend, however, let it slip that he could make an appearance on Teen Mom 2.

Justin Burke is Leah Messer’s very handsome rumored boyfriend who has been spotted with her in numerous recent TikToks.

He posted — and then deleted — an interesting revelation.

Justin teased that he would appear on Teen Mom 2 in the not-so-distant future.

Justin Burke might join Leah Messer on Teen Mom 2

Justin posted a photo of himself and Leah on his business page, looking cosy and gorgeous.

“(Announcement) …Wanted give a huge shoutout to my partner ‘n’ crime @leahmesser,” Justin captioned the photo.

“She has supported my business and brought me a new business in other industries,” he added.

Leah Messer in a Bathing Suit

“To my followers, you may possibly see JBurke Media in action on TV in this season of Teen Mom2!” Justin teased.

He then wrote: “Cross your fingers! @eyelenvisualsphotography.”

It sounds as though the possible feature might be up to editors and production.

Leah Inspires

As one can easily imagine, this short-lived post caused a tremendous amount of discussion among fans.

Its posting said enough — and many took it as confirmation (at last) that they are dating.

The fact that it was removed also caused a stir as fans speculated as to what it might mean.

Leah Messer on an Episode

“Well, Well, Well… looks like us fans will see more of #LeahMesser ‘friend’ on the upcoming season,” wrote one fan.

The fan observed that, before its deletion, the post was “liked by one of Leah’s producers.”

Other commenters on Reddit saw the screenshot and tended to agree.

Leah Messer's New Look

“I hope she finds a good guy,” one fan commented.

That redditor added: “That would be great for her and her daughters.”

Another commenter wrote: “I knew it was her new boy toy. I’m usually right.”

Justin Burke lifts Leah Messer

The speculation about Leah’s possible relationship with Justin began in July.

At that time, Leah posted a very flirty video to TikTok featuring her and Justin.

She even cross-posted the video to her Instagram Stories, making sure that it was seen by all.

Leah Messer from the Rear

Obviously, questions flooded in from fans and followers.

Leah played her cards close to the vest, however, using a mysterious string of emojis instead of giving a straight answer.

Clearly, the answer was intended to remain a secret for the time being.

Justin Burke supports Leah Messer

Justin followed up Leah’s hints by sharing a photo of himself with Leah.

At the time, he merely wrote that he enjoyed “collaborating” with her.

He also advised fans and followers to “stay tuned in for more products from us.”

Leah Masker

Then, early this month, Justin and Leah posted yet another TikTok video.

This fun video featured the two of them dancing, even dancing together as Justin lifted her over his shoulders.

People can platonically lift one another into the air … but that level of trust between adults is often a sign of physical intimacy.

Leah Messer in 2021

Lipsyncing together also gave off powerfulc ouple vibes.

When Leah was asked by commenters if Justin was her “boyfriend,” she shut it down.

“I wish,” she replied, “but no, I don’t have a boyfriend.”

Leah Messer Fights On

Note that she did not deny dating him.

Sometimes two people see one another without describing each other as boyfriend or girlfriend.

Certainly, fans believe that Leah may have something going with Justin — whatever they were calling it, or are now calling it.

Leah Messer at Sea

However, Leah has insisted that she is focused upon her children.

Aleeah and Ali are both 11 years old, shared with Corey Simms. Adalynn is 8, shared with Jeremy Calvert.

While we’re sure that these children remain her first priority in life … that wouldn’t prevent her from dating, now would it?

Leah Messer on Her Insta Page

If Leah is dating Justin, they sound like a good match in many ways, both in terms of looks and their interests in social media.

But perhaps Leah is waiting for the right moment to confirm that she is dating Justin — if that is what is happening.

You know what could make a great place for a reveal? Teen Mom 2.

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