Leading chef shares the best winter vegetables you should eat regularly


Celebrity chef, Sanjeev Kapoor, strongly advocates this need of eating seasonal produce. He says, “The beauty of our food is in our seasonal usage of fruits and vegetables. If you realise, Gajar ka halwa is made aplenty during winters as this is the season when beautiful red carrots hit the market or mango pickle is made during summer, thanks to its availability. Despite people and sometimes, even me, suggesting that we should eat fresh as well as seasonal fruits and vegetables, we do not know what chemicals are sprayed on them to keep them safe while they are growing. When this produce hits the market, there isn’t a certifying agency like the FSSAI that will help people understand what vegetables and fruits are free of pesticides and germs and which ones don’t. Hence, the onus lies on us to make them safe for consumption. ITC’s Nimwash is a good solution.”

When it comes to winters, the Chef recommends eating these fruit and vegetables:

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