Kylie Jenner Rocks See-Through Dress, Flaunts Massive Cleavage, Remains Queen of Instagram

kylie jenner in a see through dress

There are more popular accounts, to be sure.

But we’re guessing that if we polled the entire country and asked them which celebrity first springs to mind when they think of Instagram, Kylie Jenner would rank number one.

And if you have want to know why that is, look no further than the 23-year-old billionaire’s latest post:

At this point in her career, Kylie doesn’t have to breathe new life into the internet on a random Tuesday in March.

But she does it anyway.

Why? Because unlike other billionaires, Kylie cares about the little people.

Kylie's Cleavage Close-Up

You don’t see Jeff Bezos, seductively posing on a couch, his nipples barely concealed by an impossibly thin sheer fabric.

And when was the last time Warren Buffet shot you a look that said “why don’t you sit down beside me, and we’ll see where the evening goes?”

Maybe Bill Gates has the ability to inspire impure thoughts in his Instagram followers, but the fact of the matter is, he’s not taking advantage of his erotic powers — and Kylie is.

Kylie's 2021 Bikini Pic

That, folks, is the difference between some nerd with a bowl-cut and a 10-figure dynamo who has what it takes to be the very first President of the Entire Freakin’ World!

Kylie captioned her latest post “the main character” and it’s hard to argue with that self-assessment.

Instagram, the Kar-Jenner clan, the dreams of the 8 million people who liked her latest thirst trap — Kylie is the main character in all of them.

Kylie Rings In 2021 ... With Boobs

Of course, she’s one of millions of women who test the boundaries of Instagram’s no-nipple policy on a daily basis, but while most of them are hoping to amass a large enough OnlyFans following to cover their rent, Kylie is one of the richest people on the planet.

How did she do it?

Well, we don’t want to re-open the debate over whether Kylie is really a “self-made” billionaire, but the fact is, she’s had a lot of help.

Kylie Jenner: Makeup-Free In a Bikini

She’s the sister of Kim and the daughter of Kris, which means she was born into the family with the most famous figure of the 2010s and the world’s savviest momager.

You can’t buy a leg-up like that.

But at the same time, Kylie took full advantage of the gifts she was born with and the opportunities that were presented to her, which is all that any of us can do.

Kylie In a Black Bikini

Unfortunately, for most of us, that won’t lead to a membership in the billionaires’ club.

But hey, that’s no reason to hate on Kylie!

After all, as far as we know, Kylizzle has been giving back to the global community throughout her adult life.

Kylie Jenner Peach

Does she make any major donations to charity? Frankly, we have no idea.

What we’re talking about is Kylie’s quarantine content, which helped a grateful nation survive the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, with vaccines being distributed and infection rates dropping by the day, Kylie remains by our side like a seriously thirsty angel of mercy with massive cleavage.

And for that, we thank her.

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