Kerala Based Chocolate Company Makes A Record; Wins A Silver At International Chocolate Awards

There is hardly any person who doesn’t like chocolates, be it of any kind. Chocolates always find a way to comfort us and satisfy our sweet cravings. Over the years, we have come to love chocolates from our favourite brands, whether national or international. But did you know, in the huge market of the chocolate industry, an Indian chocolate brand- Paul and Mike have marked themselves by being the first Indian brand to be awarded at the world finals of International Chocolate Awards!? Now, this may come as a surprise to many of you because India’s journey into artisanal chocolates is not known to everyone.

Paul and Mike is a Kerala-based brand that makes their chocolates with artisanal chocolate makers’ help. From growing their own cocoa beans to making a final chocolate product out of it is done by the company itself.

The company recently took over their Instagram to break the news of being the first Indian chocolate brand to be awarded a Silver at the world finals of the International Chocolate Awards. The company also added that their purpose is to “provide the quality of a Pacari for the price of a Lindt.” Take a look at their post:

Paul and Mike are based in Kochi and grow their own fermented cocoa on their farmlands in Kochi and Coimbatore. As per the company, they get wet cocoa beans from farmers in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. They handle all post-harvest processes and utilise only authentic fruits, nuts, spices, and pure floral distillates for their products. Their chocolate palette includes a range of Indian flavours like sitaphal, jamun, thandai to more new flavours like Jamaican rum, dark peppermint and their award-winning Sichuan pepper and orange peel chocolate.

In their Instagram post, Paul and Mike have also mentioned about minor issues in their journey and that they are “extremely fortunate to have found so much love” from people so far.

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