Kareena Kapoor Khan calls mother-in-law Sharmila Tagore ‘one of the most elegant and graceful woman to have walked the earth’

Legendary actor Sharmila Tagore walked down the memory lane during an interview with Ladies Study Group (a book club in Kolkata) and spoke extensively about the most popular performances of her career. But little did she know that there was a surprise waiting for her by the end of the session. The veteran actor received video messages from her daughter Saba Pataudi and daughter-in-law Kareena Kapoor Khan.

In the video message, Saba spoke about her favourite film of Sharmila Tagore. “Maa, lots of love. Very proud of you. Loved your work, including the earlier works. Chupke Chupe is my favourite Hindi film. I think comic relief is usually the best,” Saba said in the video.

She called the Apur Sansar actor “fabulous” and an “all-rounder.”

“I think you are fabulous. You have kept a great home, you’ve been a wonderful mother, wife, sister. I think you are quite an all rounder. I have learned a lot from you. I keep a great home because I learned it from you. I learned faith from you. You taught me intention, which made me believe that it is your ‘neeyat’ that counts and if that is right you cannot go wrong,” Saba said adding that she gets her strength from Sharmila and Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi.

Saba concluded talking about how Sharmila Tagore is not a home body. Hoping to meet her soon, Saba ended the video message with “I worry about you. Inshallah, good times ahead. Missing our holidays and spending time together.”

Later, actor Kareena Kapoor Khan, Saif Ali Khan’s wife and Sharmila’s daughter-in-law, spoke about how the Kashmir Ki Kali actor has always been there for her. Kareena said she always finds it difficult to talk about the veteran actor but she is blessed to have known her personally. The actor said she feels “lucky” that she can call her “my mother-in-law.”

“When it comes to talking about such an icon and legend, what is left to say? The whole world knows that my mother-in-law, who I am lucky to call my mother-in-law, is one of the most elegant and graceful woman to have walked the earth. But I have been lucky to know her deeper than that, which is that she is warm, she is loving, caring and someone who is always there not just for her children but her grandchildren, daughter-in-law,” Kareena said about Sharmila Tagore.

She added that the actor is “somebody who has always been so inclusive of me and made me feel a part of this family.”

Saying that she has “deep respect and regards” for the 76-year-old, Kareena wished that Sharmila would be able to meet the new addition to the family soon. “The fact that this whole year has gone by and we have actually not been able to spend as much time as we used to. You have not been able to see the new addition to our family but we are just waiting to actually come together, spend some time with you,” the actor concluded.

Sharmila, who was glad to receive such warm messages from her daughter and daughter-in-law, ended the chat by mentioning how people are living in denial and not taking Covid-19 seriously. She urged her fans to be careful and cautious.

“What is happening now is worrisome as people are in denial. We really should take it seriously. We have to be very careful. It is something to be scared of, be cautious about.”

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