Kareena Kapoor craved for bitter foods during pregnancy: What do these cravings mean?


Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan has rightfully earned the title of Bollywood’s very own ‘yummy mummy’. Well into the second trimester of her second pregnancy, the 40-year-old is following all the rules to stay healthy. You will be surprised to know that when she was pregnant with Taimur, her pregnancy cravings wavered on the healthier side.

While the actress loves to snack at regular intervals, like a lot of women, Kareena had the not-so-typical ‘bitter’ cravings the first time around. In an interview, the actress spoke at length of the way cravings ruled her diet when she was expecting Taimur:

“I’m constantly craving a lot of karelas, which is quite… very different. I really like the taste, I enjoy the taste. Everyone says to add a little sugar to it and the bitterness goes, but I don’t like that. I like that it has a bitter, pungent taste to it. It’s something that I enjoy. And it’s extremely rich in iron, and it’s got so many benefits in it. I’m enjoying all the vegetables – today’s lunch was lauki mutter.

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