Karachi:15 people have been killed by electrocution as light rain continues

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At least 15 people have been killed by electrocution, including a child, as light rain continued to pound many areas of the metropolis on Wednesday.

Many areas in Karachi remained without power last night as well due to the rain under the influence of a monsoon system, health officials and volunteers of rescue services said.

Many low-lying areas and roads were inundated with rainwater and sewage after gutters overflowed following the rain,, with residents facing extreme difficulties in reaching their destinations.

Karachi has emerged as a neglected city during the last three days as there seems to be no civic agencies to take care of its issues. Even a moderate rainfall brought the city life to a standstill and most of the areas remained without electricity most of the time during the last three days during or after the rain.

“We have seen intermittent showers on Wednesday afternoon in different areas of Karachi under the influence of a monsoon system that was present in the South-Southeast of Karachi and we are expecting intermittent rain to continue till Thursday morning in Karachi.

Surjani Town and North Karachi were the most affected areas due to the downpour on Wednesday evening as they received 25.4 and 20.8 millimetres (mm) of rain respectively, which caused flooding on roads, accumulation of water and sewage in the low-lying areas and hours-long power outages. The accumulated rainfall in the two areas throughout the day was recorded at 30.6mm and 23.4mm respectively.

“Surjani has so far received 30.6mm of rain since morning while North Karachi received 23.4mm of rain. PAF Masroor Base received 10.2mm while Faisal Base received 8mm of rain. Jinnah Terminal received 4.4 mm of rain, Nazimabad and Saddar 6.4mm and 6mm respectively, while University Road/Met Complex received 5.8mm of rain,” Sarfraz said.

According to MET chief, the current weather system will continue to cause intermittent rain and showers in Karachi and its suburbs till Thursday (today) morning and it is expected to dissipate in the evening.

“We are not seeing any other rain causing system for Karachi till mid of July or even 17-18 of the current month. But the weather would remain better with the sea breeze blowing and temperature in the range of 34-35°C.”

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