Kanye West Depicts Burying Pete Davidson Alive in Unhinged Post-Divorce Music Video

kanye west spins conspiracy theories

On Wednesday, March 2, Kim Kardashian officially became single after scoring a courtroom victory.

Unfortunately, nothing about this divorce has been easy … and her new legal status is not a magic pill.

Kanye West immediately entered meltdown mode, firing his attorney and hiring a new one.

While his new lawyer tries to do damage control, Ye released a stop-motion music video … in which he buries Pete Davidson alive.

Kim Kardashian’s request to the court for single status was granted, and Kanye … could have taken it better.

As we previously covered, only one of his three demands were granted by the court. He has a new attorney.

The very same afternoon as that hearing, Kanye dropped a bizarre stop-motion “Eazy” music video on Instagram with some alarming elements.

Kanye West 'Eazy' video - kidnapping of Pete Davidson

In a music video that also features fellow rapper The Game, a claymation Kanye is shown kidnapping a figure resembling Pete Davidson.

It’s not that much of a stretch to identify the figure as the widely desired comedian.

This is the same song with the lyrics: “God saved me from the crash, just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass.”

Kanye West 'Eazy' video - transporting of Pete

In the video, the self-styled genius is depicted bringing a bound-with-a-bag-over-his-head Pete to a remote area.

First, he is driven out into the middle of nowhere.

Then, the depiction of Pete is dragges, still bound, to his final destination.

Kanye West 'Eazy' video - dragging of Pete

These days, we normally refer to one celebrity “dragging” another in the non-literal sense, meaning that they were insulted.

In this case, though they are simply clay representations, the dragging is all too literal.

Pete is then buried alive, with only his still-covered head exposed.

Kanye West 'Eazy' video - Pete Davidson buried alive

The video was sure to capture the moment when the figure is unmasked.

He could not be more clearly a clay depiction of Pete Davidson, albeit not a flattering one.

Pete has dated some of the most beautiful and famous women on the planet, but it seems that Ye doesn’t think much of his looks … or of him.

Kanye West 'Eazy' video - Pete Davidson unmasked

While the video’s contents are as strange and upsetting as much that the self-described “genius” has said in the past, it gets weirder.

Kanye is then shown taking out rose seeds and tossing them onto the top of Pete’s head, leaving him.

The roses bloom and flourish into a bush … while, somehow, Pete continues to live. A tasteful touch, one supposes.

Kanye West 'Eazy' video - roses planted on Pete Davidson

Kanye returns to harvest what he has sown, clipping the roses.

He seems to have a bountiful harvest, because he amasses quite a lot of them.

As you can see, it was enough to fill the bed of a truck with roses.

Kanye West 'Eazy' video - truck full of roses

This is a familiar sight.

The image strongly resembles the truck filled with flowers that Kanye used to try to woo Kim not too long ago.

You can compare it to the real thing here:

Kanye truck

Kanye West’s latest attorney, Samantha Spector, is the fourth to represent him.

Notably, she previously faced off against Kim’s attorney in another divorce case.

She spoke to Us Weekly following Wednesday’s hearing, allegedly to “dispel a few mistruths.”

Ye at a Fight

“Kanye’s paperwork has always indicated that his problems with the divorce [were] only procedural,” Spector claimed.

“Moreover, he was always in support of the divorce only if Kim satisfied the procedural requirements to protect rights under the [California] law,” the statement alleged.

Spector emphasized that these are “the same rights afforded to any litigant going through a divorce.”

Kanye West Spins Conspiracy Theories

“Today it was determined and addressed in court that Kim initially did not have the proper paperwork to get the bifurcation of the marital status,” Spector stated.

“As mentioned in our statement yesterday,” the statement concluded, “Ye is focusing his entire attention to their children.”

One has to wonder if she had any idea what Kanye was posting on Instagram within minutes of the statement.

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