Jenelle Evans Threatens TikTok User: I Will Absolutely End You!

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It looks like David Eason has been rubbing off on his wife.

And we very obviously do not mean this as any sort of compliment.

Earlier this week, a TikTok user jumped on his/her platform to taunt the former Teen Mom star about her marriage.

This individual — who, granted, likely has way too much time on his/her hands — posted a video explaining that Eason is the reason Jenelle Evens no longer stars on Teen Mom 2.

This person went on to talk about Jenelle’s marriage overall, noting how abusive Eason seems to be… both physically and emotionally.

(David did, remember, almost definitely break his wife’s collarbone in a drunken rage in late 2019, according to Jenellel herself.)

Pretty pissed off about what this user was saying, Evans replied with three dangerous words:

Let’s END You.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason on a Date

To some extent, we get Jenelle’s frustration here.

Who wants to hear total strangers drag you and your husband?

But Evans doesn’t garner much sympathy when she stays with a man who may have recently killed some baby chicks and who also caught on camera berating his daughter last month.

The man is a legitimate danger to society.

Jenelle Evans Tries to Seduce

Responed one critic to Jenelle’s angry and kind of violent reply to the hater:

“Oh please. Let’s see her leave the swamp and run that moon mouth on her giant crescent face.

“She’d be picking up her second set of teeth in two seconds.”

Jenelle Wears a Mask

Others, meanwhile, called Evans out for her family’s gun use and David’s violent past.

“So now she wants to kill people that tell the truth about her/ them?” asked a Reddit poster.

“It sure was a great idea to give these good sane citizens the right to own guns.

“The only question is who will shoot someone first, her or him. David will get tired of killing baby chicks, he’s just waiting for that trespasser he can shoot.

“Jenelle pulls her gun when someone cuts her off.”

David Eason With a Gun

Harsh? Yes.

But sort of fair, based on Jenelle’s history of road rage.

Evans, meanwhile, appeared to quickly get over this online confrontation.

In her latest TikTok video, the ex-MTV personality tried to calmly impart some life lessons on her viewers.

Jenelle, Ensley and a Tube

“There’s a point in your life where — maybe not for you guys, but for me — I’m always telling myself, ‘You can’t do that. It’s not gonna work. Just give up,'” Evans said in the video, adding while sitting in her car:

“And I always think I can’t do anything and I’ve come to realize lately that I can do anything I put my mind to and so can all of you.”

How… inspiring?

We guess?

Jenelle Snapshot

Evans, who can’t really be considered a person on whom anyone should model his/her life, concluded:

“Stick with something. Don’t give up and don’t let others make up give up easily because that’s what I let happen.”

She laughingly ended her video saying “just a little piece of advice today.”

We’re not sure what Jenelle finds so funny, though, considering she may very well lose her kids via another CPS investigation.

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