Jenelle Evans: Leave Mackenzie McKee Alone! She’s Not Racist!

jenelle and mackenzie

Mackenzie McKee has an ally in her ongoing feud with Cheyenne Floyd.

We’re just not sure if it’s an ally McKee really wants at the moment.

Over the past several months, McKee and Floyd have been going at it — ever since the former referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as a “colored person” way back in January.

Floyd, along with many other critics, took extreme exception to this racial epithet.

McKee later explained to social media that she spoke out of ignorance, not malice, and added that she called to apologize to Cheyenne at one point, only to be “canceled” and “cut her off” by her co-star.

This was awhile ago.

Floyd, for her part, said McKee was rambling during this call and put her “foot in her mouth” and the conversation wasn’t exactly productive.

“She apologized to me and I explained she did not need to apologize to me. You can’t hurt me because I know my history. I am not your colored,” Cheyenne wrote this summer on social media.

Cheyenne Floyd Sets a Co-Parenting Boundary

Here’s the thing, though:

The controversy just resurfaced because Maci Bookout posted a video of herself, Floyd, Catelynn Lowell and Amber Portwood filming some promotional material for the program.

Fans then questioned why McKee wasn’t included in the photo shoot, prompting Mackenzie to allege that she took hers “solo” because Floyd “hates” her.

Shortly thereafter, both Bookout and Floyd addressed the situation.

Mackenzie McKee Takes a Selfie

“I am not an MTV producer… I don’t call the shots. But if you feel the need to keep bullying me over things that haven’t happened to make you feel seen…” Floyd fired back.

“Be my guest.

“You have an odd fixation on me.

“Your rendition of how things happened are beyond delusional and I wish you would focus on yourself and leave me alone.”

mac note on insta

Got all of that? Following along?

To add fuel to the complex and annoying fire, Jenelle Evans has now stepped into the fray for some reason.

On Tuesday, Evans went on a Twitter rampage in defense of McKee, speaking from the perspective of someone who has been accused of racism on plenty of occasions herself.

At least partially because she married an obvious racist.


“Y’all… leave McKenzie alone. Way to make someone feel left out… per usual,” Evans wrote to open a lengthy rant.

“If you want to start pointing fingers for flaws.. I have a whole list,” she continued.

“People have been asking me about McKenzie. I know me and McKenzie have each other blocked.. lol but someone tell her I said stay strong and don’t be upset.

“You’re the bigger person in this situation.”

Jenelle Evans Caught a Fish

Evans went on to relate to McKee as follows:

“I remember a day being singled out, locked in my hotel, crying my eyes out. Feeling alone, feeling like I wasn’t good enough for anyone.

“Being a ‘mean girl’ isn’t the best choice and I hope some of you are never like that. Mental Health Awareness IS REAL.”

Jenelle wrapped up by calling out Cheyenne for her own history of questionable social media posts.

Jenelle Talks to Fans

“Also the difference in this situation is that McKenzie stood up, owned up to, and acknowledged her mistake and apologized… but did this other chick even acknowledge her old tweets?” she wrote.

“Not that I can recall.”

Addressing McKee, the polarizing ex-MTV star concluded:

“i truly believe you’ve learned from your mistakes. Keep your head up and keep doing you .”

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