Jenelle Evans: I HATE That My Kids Are Happy In Their New Homes, Dude!

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It’s been almost a month since Jenelle Evans lost custody of her kids.

In that time, she doesn’t seem to have made much progress with regard to winning them back, but that doesn’t mean she’s accepting of the current situation.

In fact, it seems the mere thought that her kids might be thriving under someone else’s care is enough to drive Evans up a wall these days.

We suppose that’s not terribly surprising, as Jenelle’s principal concern is herself at all times.

Still, it’s a little strange to see her boasting about her happiness on social media, while at the same time begrudging her kids the health and stability they’ve been denied for so long.

Here’s a breakdown of the latest news on Jenelle’s breakdown:

Better Days

Jenelle has been posting pics to remind her followers of a time when she still had custody of her kids. But it seems all that pretend happiness might just be deepening her agony.

Hard Times

Hard Times

While she and David have been putting on their bravest faces, it appears they’ve both been struggling mightily behind the scenes.

Is She Even Angrier Than Usual?

Is She Even Angrier Than Usual?

It doesn’t help that two of Jenelle’s kids have been placed with Barbara Evans and Nathan Griffith, respectively — people that Jenelle basically considers her enemies.

Finally at Rock Bottom?

Finally at Rock Bottom?

And one source tells Hollywood Life that the situation has left Jenelle at the end of her wits.

Sour Grapes

Sour Grapes

“It’s been an empty feeling for Jenelle to see how happy her kids are now that they are living with Barbara [Evans] and Nathan [Griffith],” says the insider.

Slow Progress?

Slow Progress?

But in what could be a sign of increased maturity, Jenelle has come to admit that the situation could be worse.

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