Jenelle Evans and David Eason Get into Car Crash: Were They Drinking?!

jenelle is upset

Jenelle Evans has made some bad choices in her time.

At this point, that’s pretty much the only kind of choice she knows how to make.

But this latest thing … it’s a doozy, even for her.

OK, so we know that Jenelle has struggled with addiction, right?

She was obsessed with weed for a long time, and it’s likely that she still is — and while a lot of people can use it recreationally, she never seemed like one of those people.

For a while there, she was a heroin user, which was terrifying to watch.

Jenelle Cries on Twitter

She managed to kick that habit, which was truly a remarkable thing to do, and while there have been rumors here and there, there’s been no solid evidence that she’s done hard drugs since.

However, for the past few months now, Teen Mom fans have been growing more and more convinced that she’s developed a new addiction …

An alcohol addiction.

If you watch any of the videos she shares on YouTube or social media, you’ll notice that she often has a beer in her hand, or one nearby.

Jenelle Evans: Drunk In the Pool?

She’s been visibly tipsy in some recent videos, and she’s mentioned several times that she needs a beer, or that she and David need to go buy more beer.

When her followers point any of this out, she insists that she’s not an alcoholic, and that because she’s over 21, she can drink if she wants.

But she’s also posted evidence that she’s been drinking alone, in the mornings while working, while watching her kids in the pool …

Earlier this year, she even said that she believes she could have been considered an alcoholic when she was younger because she drank a lot of liquor, but those days are behind her now that she can only drink beer and wine because of her esophagus problems.

Jenelle Is Drinking

… Because as everyone knows, alcoholics don’t drink beer or wine (???).

Things have seemed to be getting worse and worse with her apparent problem, but thanks to a new video she uploaded to her YouTube channel, we know that things may be even worse than we thought.

Like, worse enough that it looks like she may not even make it all the way home from a beer run before she opens a bottle.

Yesterday morning, Jenelle shared one her vlogs.

Jenelle Evans Drinks a White Claw

She talked about how MTV hurt her feelings by not letting her do the Teen Mom spinoff, and she also filmed a day of shopping that she did with David and Ensley.

She showed them going to the mall, and she showed them going to Walmart.

In the footage from the checkout line at Walmart, you can see that they bought one pack of Landshark beer and one pack of Modelo — that will be important in just a minute.

Jenelle buying beer

When they were done shopping and driving home, Jenelle filmed herself from the passenger seat, and while she was talking about their plans for the rest of the day, David crashed into another car.

“Oh my god!” Jenelle exclaimed, while David could be heard saying “My fault.”

She turned off her camera and then added in footage from the next day where she explained that it was just a small accident, though when she showed photos of both cars, it did look like there was a fair bit of damage to the other person’s car.

Jenelle's accident

The whole thing seemed pretty sketchy because we know that just a few months ago, David didn’t have a valid driver’s license.

He got a ticket for driving without a license last year, and when her followers pointed that out when she shared a video of him driving a few months ago, Jenelle explained that he’d actually had his license suspended for only two days for an unpaid ticket.

It’s hard to say what’s going on with his license, but Teen Mom fans on Reddit noticed something even more interesting — it turns out that when the collision happened and Jenelle dropped her camera, you can see an open beer bottle in the cup holder.

Specifically a Modelo beer, the same kind they’d just purchased at Walmart.

Beer bottle in Jenelle's car

Some of her defenders have claimed this is actually a water bottle, but she has what is obviously a water bottle in addition to this one, and it’s a pretty distinctive bottle, right?

Does this mean that Jenelle couldn’t even wait until they got home to have a drink?

Could David have been drinking too? To be fair, the bottle is clearly in the cup holder on her door, but who’s to say with these two?

In North Carolina, you can’t have an open container anywhere in a vehicle, whether it’s driving or parked or if you’re just a passenger, so it’s pretty clear that at least one law was broken here.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason Backstage

And we really, really hope that was the only one …

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