Jasmine Pineda: I’m Not a 90 Day Fiance Psycho! I Just Stalk Gino at All Times!

jasmine pineda im not a 90 day fiance psycho i just stalk gino a

On the season premiere of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, fans got to know Gino and Jasmine.

There was a lot of horniness and insecurity alongside plenty of awkward laughs.

Many fans raised cries of alarm over the way that Jasmine insisted upon tracking Gino’s every movement.

In this sneak peek of Sunday’s episode, Jasmine is defending the tight leash that she keeps on Gino.

So why exactly doesn’t Jasmine Pineda trust Gino Palazzolo?

As she tells her friend in this preview clip, there has been dishonesty in the past.

For one thing, when they were first talking, he lied about his age.

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Gino initially told Jasmine that he was only 44.

Given that he is just shy of 52, that sounds like a nearly 8-year fib.

That is about half of their age gap.

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That kind of dishonesty is not a great sign, but it’s not the worst thing in the world.

Her friend very sensibly asks if Jasmine is confident that he hasn’t lied to her about “other things.”

“Because I know,” Jasmine says. “I’m always calling him.”

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“And when he goes outside,” Jasmine continues, “he needs to send me evidence and all that.”

Viewers have already caught on to this much.

We saw Jasmine video chat with Gino while he ran a simple errand, followed by chastising him for being so friendly with one employee.

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In fact, that toxic possessiveness has been widely memed — something that Gino and Jasmine have been enjoying on social media.

“He has to video call me when he’s at the place, when he’s in the car, [and] when he’s back home,” Jasmine says.

That is excessive to the point of being a major red flag.

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Jasmine admits to the camera that she has serious trust issues.

According to her, she has learned some difficult lessons over the years.

No amount of being beautiful or being nice will keep a man from cheating.

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She also believes that more or less all men are cheaters.

This kind of “life lesson” can be difficult to shake for people who have been betrayed and hurt repeatedly.

But … what’s her issue with Gino just being friendly with people when he’s out and about?

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Jasmine insists that she needs to be “the center,” as in the center of Gino’s attention, when he is out and about.

That is harder to understand, because obviously Gino is not sleeping with someone when she can see them both clearly on camera.

But it is clear that her insecurities about how a partner will behave and treat her are severe.

Jasmine Pineda to Gino Palazzolo - why you have to be talking?

Ultimately, what matters most is not what viewers think of Jasmine’s overbearing behavior.

She’s not marrying the fandom. She’s potentially marrying Gino.

Is this something that Gino can live with for years or even decades to come?

Gino admires Jasmine on Before The 90 Days

Viewers are concerned that this is an abusive relationship, with Jasmine watching Gino’s every move.

Others remind us all of how creative editing can warp our view of the relationship, so take what we see on screen with a grain of salt.

We may need multiple episodes before we can determine how well these two mesh together. Fortunately, the season has scarcely begun!

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