Jana Duggar Visits Las Vegas and Fans are All Like, “WTH, Girl?!?”

jana duggar in vegas

Certain things simply don’t go together.

Like, peanut butter and mayonnaise, for instance. Or perhaps The Bachelor and true love.

Or, for certain, a member of the Duggar Family in Las Vegas.

On the surface, it would seem like any of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids spending time in a place nicknamed Sin City would go against every single strict Duggar rule out there.

And yet… see that photo above?

That’s a snapshot of Jana Duggar in Las Vegas, posted just this week to her official Instagram page.

How is this possible? What  is Jana doing there?!? Is she gambling? Drinking? Legally soliciting a prostitute?!?

Jana Duggar on Counting On: A Photo

No, no, and definitely not, in response to these final questions.

On Thursday, January 30, the oldest Duggar daughter instead revealed that she was in town for the 2020 Winter Las Vegas Market, a convention for home and gift industry professionals.

It turns out that her photos were totally appropriate (and modest, especially for the locations), and yet fans couldn’t help but weigh in.

“I’m surprised you’re allowed to go to ‘Sin City,’” one person wrote in the comments of her post. 

in sin city

Asked another: “Sin City?”

And then another: “What [did] you do in a party city like Las Vegas?”

A fourth even chimed in as follows: “Did you have an accountability partner with you?”

Jana ignored all these inquiries and simply penned a caption that explained the basis for her unexpected vacation.

Jana and Her Niece

“Last day of the Las Vegas Home and Gift Market! Such a pleasure seeing gorgeous product designs by artisans from around the world!” Jana said online, adding:

“I still have a lot to learn but I am so blessed to have met and learned from so many designers and inspirational entrepreneurs this week!”

In her post, Jana also noted that she was hanging out with BFF Laura DeMasie… and maybe even her dad?

indeed, Jana may have actually had an adult chaperone on the trip.

Jana Duggar on Counting On Photo

“I thought I saw you and your dad at Bellagio,” one Instagram user commented.

Other fans also spotted a Duggar update account sharing a photo of the dad and daughter together with Laura and other women.

“I was excited for you … until I saw Daddy Duggar had to chaperone you. I’m betting none of the other women you were with had to have their daddy tag along to babysit them,” a fan criticized, concluding:

“You’re 30! It’s time to grow up, Jana.”

Duggar Twins

Hey, come on now.

Jana is wearing pants these days, you guys.

Sadly, that’s actually a huge step for Duggar women.

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