Interview with social media actor Waleed Al Nahdi

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Waleed Al-Nahdi is active on social networking sites, creative in Instagram videos, and sharing his diaries with his followers via Snapchat on behalf of ( W.63q ). He also has many followers in many other programs such as TikTok and others.  Walid’s ambition is to reach the hearts of all people and to be represented in the cinema.

We chatted with Walid with a beautiful conversation:

1- Walid Kalima, directed to followers on Social Media?

I would like to say to your followers, thank you for your continuous support to me, and for your standing with me and your love, I will go on and go, and my field of trust and love of people is an inexhaustible treasure.

2- Do you advise everyone to enter the social media field?

If there is inclination, desire, and determination, there is no objection, but the field is difficult and not as easy as you see it.

3- Who do you think is the best celebrity for content worth watching and why?

Ibrahim Al-Mursi (Uncle Naji)
A friend of mine is, in my view, the best to prove his level and develop his work continuously.

4- If you can shoot a comic sketch, who is famous for? And why?

Ibrahim Al-Marisi, because he has worked with him for some comedy clips and was successful Big.

In the conclusion of this dialogue, we wish you all the approval in your field.

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