Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Halwai-Style Besan Ladoos At Home (Video Recipe)

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Besan ladoo can be easily made at home this festive season

India is a country of many festivals and to an outsider it would seem that celebrations never end here. There are several big and small religious festivals that are celebrated with much fanfare across the country and with these big festivities, there comes an opportunity to gorge on delicious food and sweets. This opportunity presents itself several times a year and no celebration can be truly complete without loads of sugary sweet desserts. Indian desserts not only come in many shapes and sizes, but are also prepared in a number of different variations, depending on the region of the country. But there are still several sweets that surpass the regional divides of the country and are loved by people across the length and breadth of the country. Besan ka ladoo is one such sweet.

Ladoo is an Indian sweet that is basically a ball packed with sugar, ghee or clarified butter and nuts. Besan ka ladoo is made from roasted chickpea flour or gram flour that is first cooked along with rava or semolina in ghee. The slow roasting of chickpea flour and semolina flour in copious amounts of ghee results in a delightful flavour. The roasting can be done in a non-stick kadhai or griddle and it requires constant stirring for about 45 or 50 minutes. The mixture is then mixed with fried and crushed edible gum or gondh, powdered white sugar, cashew nuts and raisins. Some people opt to not add the nuts in their besan ladoos.

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The final touch to the ladoo mixture is a little bit of warm milk that is mixed in, before the chickpea flour mix is kneaded, much like we knead the dough while making flatbreads. Once the mixture is smooth and all the ingredients have blended well together, you can pack it into tiny balls of ladoos.

Here’s the full recipe video of besan ladoos from the YouTube channel ‘Being Marathi Recipes’:

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