Independence Day 2021 Special: How To Make Tri Colour Dhokla (Watch Recipe Video)

Indian cuisine has an extensive range of incredibly quick and tasty dishes that are also super healthy. When we talk about such recipes, we can’t leave out the exquisite Gujarati dhokla from the list. Although it has roots in a Gujarati kitchen, today dhokla has won hearts across different Indian cultures and also abroad. It’s not just a delectable food to devour but also a joy to cook. The secret could be its simple ingredients, hassle-free recipe and health factor. Yes, it strikes a balance between health and taste.

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Popularity Of Dhokla:

1. Origin And Variety

This dish originates in Gujarat. However, unlike what many non-Gujaratis believe, dhokla can be made in a range of ways. From fermented rice to chickpea flour to semolina, dhokla can be prepared using any of these ingredients as their base. This diversity in ingredients and tastes could lead to its widespread linking among many people.

2. Health

Irrespective of the base ingredient, dhoklas use curd in the base batter. Curd is a rich source of prebiotics that strengthen the good bacteria in the gut. This improves digestion. Also, dhoklas are steamed which makes them a favourite among many.

3. Quick And Easy

Dhoklas win the game when it comes to quick food. There’s no need to prepare the batter beforehand. Just whip it up in a jiffy and serve it with tadka. This also makes it fun to cook.

For Independence Day 2021, we have chosen a feather-light dhokla recipe with a spin. This tricolour sooji dhokla is a colourful and delicious platter to enjoy the day in a special way.

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How To Make Tricolour Dhokla:

Generous amounts of sooji and curd are used to make the basic batter. Once the batter is ready, it’s time to divide it into three portions and add colours. For the saffron hue, pick smooth carrot paste. For the green tinge, pick a paste of coriander and green chillies. Put the batter in a pan to steam it. For the tadka, fry curry leaves, chillies and mustard seeds for an added zing.

Cut the dhokla pieces to relish the amazing diverse flavours in the cubes of each colour. Relish the spongy bites and pick the spicy coriander dhokla or the soft carrot ones. Spend good times with loved ones over this yummy and healthy snack.

Watch the recipe video in the header section.

Happy Independence Day 2021!

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