I am an eternal optimist: Actor Anupam Kher at Times Litfest

The online edition of Times Litfest kicked off with a fascinating conversation between actor-turned-author Anupam Kher and Vinita Dawra Nangia – Director of Times Literature Festivals and Executive Editor, Times of India.

The session named ‘Tuning into Happiness with Anupam Kher’ started with Vinita asking the actor about how acting and writing have worked as cathartic experiences for him and how both the journeys have been different.

Replying to this question, Anupam said, “Writing is something through which I wanted to express what I feel as a person. All the three books I have written are an extension of what I have felt. You can call them life coaching books or self-help books. They have made me the person I am and I hope the readers also feel that they can identify what I am going through.”

He further added, “Writing books have been more cathartic because when I am playing a character in a film, that character is that person, it’s not me, even though I am manifesting it through my emotions and acting capabilities. But when I am writing a book, it is a direct connection with my readers. There is no fake quality about my books.”

The conversation moved forward to Vinita asking Anupam whether he found it difficult to put his thoughts on paper. Replying to this, the actor mentioned that took a path that he uses as an actor. Whenever he finds a speech or a para difficult, he writes them down. He used the same process as a writer.

“I speak my thoughts into a dictaphone, I don’t write. I am not a trained writer. I speak it into the dictaphone first, get it transcribed by somebody, and then it takes the form of a book,” he said.

Talking about his latest book ‘Your Best Day is Today!’, which Anupam penned down during the pandemic, he mentioned that he wrote it to overcome his fear amid the COVID-19 mayhem.

“I am an eternal optimist. My career has been been a result of my optimism rather than my talent. But during the pandemic, I couldn’t do so,” he mentioned.

As a result of this, he started writing his journey and what he was going through during the lockdown.

Quoting a beautiful line from his book, wherein he mentions that how important it is to “sometimes dance in the rain,” Vinita asked Anupam about his thought behind it.

Replying to this, the actor said, “I have always celebrated my failures. I don’t like to pretend because people who pretend don’t like themselves. But I like myself for what I have done with my life.”

The discussion steered towards Anupam talking about how important it is to go through emotions honestly. According to him, it is very important to go through bad times in life to tell other people and yourself how to deal with them.

Towards the end of the conversation, Vinita mentioned that Anupam can see things with a quirky eye and finds fun and humor in everything, and this helps him be a good human being.

Replying to Vinita, Anupam gave a life lesson to the audience: “Happiness is something you have to practice. For three months, try reacting to everything positively and happily, no matter what. If you do this for three months, you will have a mastery of it. Then you will get used to it, and that is what I do.”

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