Huma Qureshi says she has become braver with her work


Huma Qureshi has been everywhere, from the big screen to the OTT, from work in India to work in the West. The performer is astonished at how far she has come in her profession in recent years and believes that the pandemic has given her a new perspective on her job. 

“I think I have changed as a person. I am not the same person I was in 2018 or 2019. I look at things differently. I make choices very differently. Maybe it is the pandemic or the whole thing of being at home alone with our thoughts. For me the unimportant things, I have let them go,” she shared.

Qureshi states she has consciously begun to pay greater attention to the projects with which she is associated. “I think I have also become a little braver. My first thought is chalo risk lete hai. Kuch naya hai baaki log nahi kar rahe hai, shayad iss liye mujhe karna chahiye. That is how I function now,” she elaborated.

And it’s because of this new mentality that the 35-year-old, who had three films released last year: the international picture Army of the Dead, the theatrical movie BellBottom, and the online series Maharani, has entered the year 2022 cheerfully. For this year, she has OTT releases, major screen releases, and regional films planned.

“I think I am just spoiled for choice. I get to work with the best people from all industries. As a performer, if I can do all these things, then why not. I am not a planner and don’t strategise my career. I just chase working with good people with good content. I chase my own creative process and within that, I end up collaborating with various people from different parts of the country and world and in different genres or platforms,” the actor discusses.

Huma S Qureshi

Qureshi will celebrate ten years in Bollywood this year, with her first film, Gangs of Wasseypur, released in 2012. Looking back on her experience and development as an actor, she believes there is still much more to be accomplished. 

“I feel like I am just starting out,” she continues, “I feel like I am born again and I feel like this new person, this new version of me. And in fact I want to now look back and be like oh my god I need to do so much more. I haven’t even said half of the things I want to say through my work or put out that kind of work that is exciting. I have a beginner’s mind almost.

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