Huge ‘Man Eater’ kebab on offer at town’s oldest curry house


Blackburn’s oldest curry house has unveiled this monster kebab.

The ‘Man Eater’ from the Khyber Restaurant based on Whalley Range is made up of chips, doner meat and (keema) mincemeat topped with salad and an array of sauces.

The £12 meal has proved to be popular with customers at a restaurant more famous for producing traditional curries.

Manager Salim Mohammed said: “We thought we would try something different and it is selling well.

“We named it ‘Man Eater’ after the TV star Adam Richman who used to host the Man vs Food challenge. He used to challenge himself to eat a big meal against the clock.

“It has become very popular in a short space of time with customers ordering it with a side of garlic bread with cheese. It is easily enough for two people. We haven’t come across anyone that’s finished a full one as yet!

“It’s something different for our customers too. Our curries will always be our main business but now customers want a diverse menu and something different. We always like to keep adding different dishes to mix it up a bit.”

The restaurant has not opened for eat-in since the lockdown in March, as it proved difficult to socially distance inside.

Salim added: “Thankfully we have been very busy throughout the last few months with deliveries. Our regulars have been loyal with us and the weekends have been extremely busy.

“I do miss our customers coming in and sitting late into the evening but I guess we are not the only ones going through this. We are all in it together.”

The Khyber Restaurant was opened by Sher Mohammed in 1966.

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