How To Make Nankhatai And Gajar Ka Halwa, Two Of Indias Favourite Winter Treats

Winter is associated with sudden bouts of cravings


  • Winters and good food go hand in hand
  • Nankhatai is a desi winter cookie
  • Gajar ka halwa is cooked in oodles of ghee and sugar

Come winters and we instantly start craving all things warm and decadent. Indian has a range of winter delicacies that often leave us spoilt for choice, but we have to admit that we have a special soft corner for nankhatai. Nankhatai is a desi winter cookie, which makes for an excellent tea-time treat. In fact, you would see a bunch of cart-pullers going around town with these cookies, meticulously arranged in concentric circles. It is quite a sight, we say. The deliciously brittle biscuit is made with a blend of sugar and flour.

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Winter is associated with sudden bouts of cravings, and we are sure that a lot of you have already started craving for gajar ka halwa the moment we mentioned ‘winter’.  Cooked in oodles of ghee and sugar, this carrot delicacy has become a global sensation. Packed with nuts and khoya, this rich dessert is best enjoyed in winters. Make sure you use the red desi gajar to prepare your halwa. They are mildly sweet and just perfect for this dessert.

If you are wondering a way to dig into them both right now, these recipes of nankhatai and gajar ka halwa from famous YouTuber and food blogger Manjula Jain is sure to be of help. These recipes were posted on her YouTube channel ‘Manjula’s Kitchen’. Try to make them at home and enjoy the nip in the air with a touch of indulgence.

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