How To Make Crispy Non-Sticky Dosa Like A Pro At Home (Watch Video)

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Every time you speak of South Indian cuisine, you can’t help but trace back your thoughts to the first-ever restaurant-style crispy dosas that you had, right? The thin and feathery crepe, slathered with a spiced mix of potatoes and South Indian masalas, or even plain without the masala, is one of the most beloved and popular South Indian delights available in every corner of the country. So much is the popularity of this south Indian crepe that now it is as much a staple in non-south Indian homes as it is in south Indian households. Pair with just a simple coconut chutney or dip in the sweet and tangy sambhar, the dosa is a wholesome meal that many of us resort to on a daily basis.

Crispy dosas are loved by all

Surely the majority of us love stuffing our mouths with dosa but how many of us actually like the preparation of it? From the consistency of the batter to the correct temperature for the tawa, making dosa can be a lot trickier than finishing up plates of it. Well, we hear you, and hence, we bring for you a helpful video with some tips and tricks that will ensure you make a crispy and non-sticky dosa like a pro. A video uploaded by Instagram food blogger Uma Raghuraman on her page @masterchefmom, gives us some easy tips you can follow to make the perfect dosa at home.

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The first tip that Uma suggests is having the batter at room temperature. The second is to grease the tawa evenly and thoroughly with a cut onion technique. The third is to cover the dosa for a couple of minutes so it cooks perfectly from both sides and an extra tip that she adds, in the end, is to maintain the temperature of the tawa by sprinkling some water on it since the tawa has to be on medium heat or else the batter will stick to the surface and not flip properly. Look at the video for the details:

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Well, after seeing the video, we are off to the kitchen to try these tricks. What about you? Were you aware of these tricks? And will you try these now? Let us know in the comments below.

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