How To Make Chana Dal Chikki: A Winter-Special Desi Sweet Treat

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No matter where you get in life, there are some feelings that always take you on a nostalgic trip to your childhood. Enjoying a piping hot cup of tea with family while basking in the winter sun or indulging in freshly-made gajar ka halwa et al. Another such feeling that we associate with winters is gorging on the delicious chikki! As the winter sets in, we can find our local stores and corner shops packed with a variety of delicious chikkis – from til (sesame) and peanuts to even puffed rice (murmured), the desi chikkis are one of the most popular winter treats. Besides, these chikkis are quite easy to make and hence we find a homemade batch too. If you are looking for an easy and delicious winter treat, here is the recipe for a delicious Chana Dal Chikki that you can make at home.

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Chikki is a beloved winter treat

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Chana Dal chikki is just another version of the classic peanut chikki but much flavourful and rich. The use of roasted Bengal grams adds an earthy flavour to the chikki along with the nutty taste that we all love. Use jaggery instead of sugar for a much healthier and richer tasting chikki. The recipe is easy and will be ready in a matter of minutes. In fact, the effortless preparation and the simple ingredient list make it one of those winter treats that you can make a fresh batch of anytime the cravings hit. Interested to try it out? Here is the recipe:

How To Make Chana Dal Chikki l Homemade Chana Dal Chikki:

In a kadhai, dry roast split chana dal until you can smell the aroma and they are slightly golden. In another kadhai mix ghee and jaggery, let that melt, and add the roasted chana dal to it. Spread on a well-greased flat surface and leave to set for 2-3 hours depending on the temperature of where you are. Once done, cut into small squares and enjoy the homemade Chana Dal Chikki.

Click here for the recipe of Chana Dal Chikki.

Try it out this winter season; let us know how it turned out in the comments below.

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