How To Fix an over wound Music Box in 5 seconds Part 1 by Music Box Maker

Here is a short video about how to repair an over wound music box. This music box had an on/off plunger that got stuck. Be sure to visit me at …

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26 thoughts on “How To Fix an over wound Music Box in 5 seconds Part 1 by Music Box Maker

  1. +Music Box Maker I am a blind woman who absolutely loooooooooooves music boxes! Their melodies sound so beautiful to me. That being said, I have two music box problems that I'm not sure how to fix since I can't see. My first problem is with a music box that I bought in 2001 while on vacation with my American Grandma Pat, which is a lifelike model of the city of San Francisco, which plays "I Left My Heart In San Francisco". I actually bought it from the San Francisco Music Box Company's headquarters when they were located on Pier 39. The problem I have with it is when I fully wind it, the music seems to play really fast, and the key, which has little models of row houses and cable cars, and a teeny tiny version of the Transamerica Tower, seems to rattle from side to side, instead of staying balanced like it used to when it was new. The second problem I have is with a music box which was given to me in 1984 as a gift by my other American Grandma, Dorcas (yes, that is actually her name). It's a round wood circle with an easter scene, complete with fences, easter eggs, and easter bunnies, which plays "Easter Parade". The problem I'm having with this music box is that when fully wound, the music plays rather slowly, as if the movement is hanging by its last moments.

  2. So like i took out the music part out of my music box but now something happened when i wounded it it would not play and i wounded it more and goes vgvgvuj it voes really fast idk how to fix it because i love this thing plss helppp

  3. I have almost the exact same music box here. Different design but same art. I did what you said and it still does not play. Boo Hoo! Forget what I just wrote. I was still at my computer and after about a minute and a half, the music box started magically playing! THANK YOU! I have had this music box for 40 years!

  4. Hi! This was a pretty pointless video with a VERY misleading title,  as this Box was NOT overwound;  it was just a simple case of a stuck lever!  As a Music Box Maker you should know this! :-}

  5. I have a Reuge music box as well, it has a thick round wooden platform and a large round metal wheel that it balances on and also turns on when it worked. The metal wheel has been wound too tightly and will not turn, thus no music, as others have asked, can you help? It does not have the same outside piece to pop up as is in your video. I also have a 'toy box' music box made by Enesco from Macao…..also wound too tightly, it has a
    rocking horse head on a stick inside the 'toy box' that is supposed to turn the music on and off when shifted if it were working correctly. Again, any guidance as to fixing this?

  6. The music box in your video is almost identical to one that my favorite elderly cousin gave me when I was a teenager in the 1960s. I still have it, but seeing your video reminded me of it and made me think of her and smile.

  7. There is a music box that I've had since I was a child, there is a little girl angel sitting on flowers and it rotates while it plays, when I turn the key, it gets hard and flies back the way it was and won't play. this is an important piece from my childhood and also a necessity to figure out a memory of mine.

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