How to choose the right frame for your eyes

Have you ever been puzzled to get that perfect fit of glasses that gels with your face? Well then, most of us go through this every time we go shopping for a pair of eyeglasses. Choosing the right pair seems so difficult and tricky with so many styles of glasses and patterns of frames available these days.

Not anymore! With Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming more mainstream with enhancements in both products and services, Digital Commerce is not far behind. Right from recommending the best-looking goggles to the right fitment of power lenses, everything can be done to suit a customer’s convenience. This has brought a drastic change in the offline as well as the online market of eyewear. Earlier people had to locate an eyewear store and depend on the store staff to guide them to choose the right pair of frames. Even finding a keen optometrist for the right fitting was a concern to deal with. AI has made everyone’s task easier – the customer and the seller, both.

To look for the perfect frame, you need to first assess your facial structure like if it’s round or square or heart-shaped or inverted triangle or elongated but it’s not a rulebook, go for the frame that looks good on you, just own it! Making your own style statement can be fun and expresses your personality and true spirit.

Almost none have a perfect heart, circle or square or any other narrowly defined face shape. So, for a fact assessment look at your jawline in the mirror to see if it’s more curved or leaning more on the angular side i.e., if your jawline is more “round” or “square”. Rounded and thinner frames which are slightly wider on the sides give a harmonious and natural look on angular faces. The trick is to draw attention away from the angles. Similarly, for round faces sharpen your softer features with rectangular frames. Choose frames that have bold angular lines, and its bottom should sit just above your cheekbones.

All this can be achieved using AI technology. To sum up, the market is flooded with the future of storytelling – through the window called spectacles! The world around us is changing much to our surprise. Innovators around the world are teaming up to rethink the way we communicate, live, and explore. The next generation of spectacles fuse together ‘Augmented Reality’ and Artificial Intelligence’ to change the way we interact and overlay in the computing world around us. It’s a huge leap.

To help you guide further there is revolutionary suite of technology and services available on eyewear online stores also. Virtual try-ons through AI based software and frame recommendations are a seamless path for an informed busy customer. Get insight on what works for your face and prescription and, also see frame fit on your own face in vivid realism, true to fit and colour.

Apart from AI based recommenders, mobile optimized Digital Commerce is also futuristic wherein on-demand one-click shopping is on the rise. It is estimated that 50% of Digital Commerce revenue will come from mobile users and 93% of people who use a mobile device for research go on to make a purchase (Source: Think with Google). The “mobile first approach” is being pursued by many retailers to support this trend. Creating video content for your website also serves as a resource for customers for easy inputting of prescription on the online interface. For dynamic shopping experience and retaining customers on a website AI coupled with virtual reality, visual search, voice assistant tools and social media is creating a new realm to engage the customers and improve conversions.

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