How Omicron symptoms differ from Delta and previous COVID variants


The Omicron variant of coronavirus, which has spread to most parts of the world, is different from the original strain in many ways. The symptoms, recovery speed, severity and transmission rate, all these factors vary, making it essential to gather fresh information on the new variant to deal with it more competently. The previous hallmark symptoms of coronavirus like fever, cough, and loss of taste or smell are slowly dwindling in the case of omicron. Instead, other non-prominent signs similar to cold such as sore throat, sneezing, and runny nose are being seen more prominently.

As per the Zoe COVID Symptom study, the symptoms of omicron are more like cold, particularly among those who have been fully vaccinated. The Zoe COVID study is a smartphone app developed during the pandemic to log how hundreds of thousands of people are feeling daily when suffering from coronavirus across the UK. The study helps us understand how the symptoms have changed over time, particularly in the case of Omicron and delta variants. It also revealed the most prevalent signs in case of omicron.

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