Hilarious! IPS Officer Tweets About His Love For Jalebi; Aap Aaj Ghar Aao: Wife Responds

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Social media is considered an open platform to share personal thoughts and feelings. Every now and then, we come across several such posts and stories on our social media feeds. While some posts are relatable; others leave us in splits. Recently, while scrolling through Twitter, we came across a post that was both funny and relatable. IPS Officer Dr Sandeep Mittal tweeted how he used to love jalebis and also mentioned that his wife has banned him from devouring the desi sweet treat. “During my childhood, we used to have big jalebis worth 25paise. I used to think, when I grow up and earn money, I’ll have three to four jalebis a day. But now, when I earn, my wife stopped me from eating jalebis,” he tweeted in Hindi, with an image of yummy, crispy and sugary jalebi. Take a look:

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Although we found the tweet to be witty, but it seems Dr Sandeep Mittal landed in a trouble. Why, you ask? It is because, the tweet grabbed his wife’s attention, who promptly responded (in Hindi), “You come home today!”

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This conversation left the Twitter users in splits. People showered their funny responses on both the above tweets. While Dr Sandeep Mittal’s tweet garnered 26k likes and almost 2k responses, his wife’s tweet got 14.3k likes and 1k replies.

“Darr ka mahol hain (The situation is quite grave),” read a comment. Another user wrote, “Sir aaj to apki khair nahi. Mam se kaise bachenge (How will you save yourself from Ma’am?)”

Find some more funny replies here:

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