Here’s your foolproof guide to applying mascara seamlessly

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Updated: January 5, 2020 8:59:52 pm

Master these amazing new ways to do your lashes. (Source: File Photo)

Here’s a take: Everyone knows how to apply mascaraThink about it: Did anyone ever teach you how? Have you ever watched a tutorial on it? Do you spend your mornings trying to perfect your process, with the skill of a surgeon? Probably not. Because, somehow, we were all born with an innate knowledge of beefing up our lashes. After all, it is all about opening the tube, swiping it on, and moving on with your life. But if it’s really that easy, why is it so hard to make your lashes look perfect every single time?

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Here’s how you can get the lashes you have always dreamt off with these simple steps.

Step 1: Curl your lashes

It is necessary to choose the right kind of mascara for the kind of look you are going for. Daytime to evening – there is a mascara that goes with just about any occasion. Start by curling your lashes with a lash curler. Place the curler at the base of your upper lashes, close the curler and hold it in place for a few seconds.

Step 2: Get the product

Taking the tube of mascara, swirl the wand around to coat the bristles with the mascara properly. Make sure you’re not pumping your wand into the tube repeatedly. This pushes air into the tube and makes the mascara clumpy, and it dries out faster.

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Step 3: Coat your lashes!

Starting at the roots, apply the mascara with a wriggling motion. This ensures that there is more volume at the roots, and your lashes don’t feel weighed down. Since lower lashes tend to be sparser and smaller, you might even opt for an altogether different mascara or switch over to a wand that has smaller bristles.

Step 4: Brush out the clumps

If you have lashes that are sticking together or have clumps of mascara on them, you can comb them out with the help of a clean wand.

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Step 5: Second coat

Repeat the mascara application by applying another coat. This depends on the volume you wish to add to your lashes.

Mascara Application Tips:

how to apply mascara properly, mascara application tips, mascara application tricks, makeup tips, beauty tips, beauty tricks, indian express, lifestyle Instead of just coating the hairs with the mascara, press the wand against the root of your eyelashes, and blink as you wiggle the brush through the hair. (File Photo)

The best way to get those curly lashes is to curl your lashes once before applying mascara and once after the first coat of mascara has dried. It is hands-down the most impactful way to make them long and fluttery.

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It’s best not to coat the mascara brush in a pumping action since it allows the air to flow into the tube and along with it air borne bacteria into the tube. Coat the wand in one go and apply, first in a downward motion the top lashes by keeping your eyes closed and then open them and coat in one direction from left to right and then from right to left. For the lower lashes do a zig zag motion from right to left and then left to right.

For most of us applying a single coat of mascara is our only move. But you can add that extra “oomph” by wiggling it. Yes, open your eyes wide and wiggle your top lashes’ tip with a mascara. Remember, only the top and not to the whole of lashes. Let it dry completely. Once done, wiggle your mascara through the entire body of the lashes—that is from the roots to the tip of your lashes. The extra mascara at the tips lifts your lashes outward and lengthens them, which adds on to the glamour of your eyes.

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