Here is the REAL reason why you must start making Plum Cake in advance


To make a rich, flavourful Plum Cake, take about 500 gms of dry fruits and soak them in rum/brandy or even whisky with a little cardamom. Make sure you take a mix of dates, sultanas, almonds, walnuts, figs, prunes, cherries, cranberries, and raisins. Chop all the dry fruits and mix them all in a glass jar. Add your favourite alcohol in it along with orange peels and mix well. Close the jar with its lid and keep it aside at room temperature. Make sure that you gave a swirl every 3-4 days. Just keep this thing in mind that all the ingredients are mixed once in a while before the baking period. You will notice by the end of the first week, how the dry fruits are soaking alcohol added in it. When you see alcohol disappearing, add a little more to it. Ideally, the feeding period is of 2 weeks, which means that you must add more alcohol to the soaked dry fruits every 2 weeks. (Tip: You can also mix rum and brandy both in the jar.)

For the non-alcoholic version of this Plum Cake, you can soak all the dry fruits in orange or grape juice to get that authentic flavour.

Once the feeding process is done, you can bake the Plum Cake 1 month in advance. The reason for the same is, it enriches the taste of the cake.

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